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This is why I shed a tear sometimes at work

This is a shot of leftovers from a meeting in one of the smaller conference rooms today. They finished at 5 and there’s still a little bit of food left. Maybe a little taste? Boo:(

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Big Awesomely Cool Event!

So I worked (and trained someone) last night after a VERY longish dentist visit. It was busy for little ol’ me! The main event was the 10th Anniversary event for the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. They had a show in the Playhouse then scooted next door to the ballroom upstairs for a reception. Littered up in the foyer were these costumes that were used in each play’s debut in the region, some are like a hundred years old! I especially loved the dress worn by the part of Christine from The Phantom of the Opera. It’s one of my favourites:)

There was a slight issue that I had to problem solve due to us not receiving and updated time from the conveeners. It turns out that everything had to be pushed back half an hour…which would have messed up the food and champagne! Fixed it though:)
They had appetizers and munchies all based on the countries that each of their five plays were based on, each also representing a dance that they had watched at the Playhouse beforehand. It was so swank and amazing! There were dancers and patrons of each company. And the ballroom was done up like a club! It was so nice!!

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This is why my feet/finger hate me:

This week has been super busy for me work-wise. For one….I actually worked! I only work part-time right now, which bites, but at least it’s something.

Thursday morning I had to get up early to be to work for 8, which isn’t that big a deal except that I had worked the night before until 10. Oh well! I got to work to find out that the banquet staff had set the room up the wrong way (didn’t realise until 10 minutes later that it was actually the sound guys that set the screens and stage up wrong. They should have been put up on the wall closest to the left side of this picture. FUN. So of course, nobody decided to look at the banquet order or floor plan. Aside from that, the chairs weren’t set up properly, and the linens hadn’t been steamed, so they were wrinkletastic. FAB. I spent 4 hours running around this ballroom steaming and redoing chair covers and bands. 70 tables. AWESOME. This wouldn’t have been a total headache honestly…..if it weren’t for the Conveeners coming inĀ at 9 to set their things up… starting at the side of the room that I hadn’t finished yet. So not only did I have to continue in front of where they were, but I also had to go behind them and take down every single centerpiece that they were putting together so I could do that side at the same time.

About 2 hours after they had arrived they decided that they were going to come up to me and start me a “pile” of things to be steamed. On my already done pile.

Grin and bear it!

I burnt my finger while steaming:( I also killed my feet and legs running around the center all day for an extra 3 hours!

I can’t complain really (only here lol), I do love my job so!