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>Yesterday was a little busy…


So yesterday, I meant to post, then thought that I would wait and update today.

I was a little insane after I spent too many hours trying to do something on my laptop, so I decided that I needed to cook.

I literally sat down in the middle of the doorway between the kitchen and living room and opened every cookbook I have! I’ve had a craving for chocolate for a while, so I initially wanted to make a nice crackly topped chocolate cake, but nothing reeeally seemed appealing. So then I decided that I wanted to make cookies, but again it really didn’t turn my crank.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been so distraught, I kinda felt a little faint!

Then I looked through the entries in the cookbook that we are compiling, and I saw the recipe for Hot Buttered Lemonade that Rob made me last week, and it clicked. I had a lemon craving, not a chocolate one! And yes my friends, that was exactly the thought process I had. I feel like I’m preggers or something. I’ve even had pickles on the brain lately.

Anyhoo, I ended up getting lemon in my head, and went a little overboard. Well, maybe just on paper, not in actuality. I went through eight cookbooks and my usual and, and even called my mom looking for a recipe. In the end I finally found one for my beloved Lemon Bread that I was happy with in a Chatelane cookbook that I stole from my nanny. Made that but wasn’t fully happy yet, probably because the bread wouldn’t be completed for the required 24 hours, and I had yet to taste the lemonade that Rob made so I hadn’t enjoyed my lemon to that point.

So I searched through the book and on the next page found Lemon Coffee Cake. Man, pretty good.

I was quite happy, though exhausted! Fell asleep early last night lol.

Much like I believe I will be doing tonight! Ciao all!

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>Bread And Earmuffs!




I’m still trying to get in the habit of blogging again, so excuse me for forgetting sometimes. Today I did not feel very good…again, but better pain wise than the other day for sure. I spent the morning going super easy so we could go to the Santa Claus Parade downtown. So, Fredericton right now is a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in snow and I really do find that weird! There’s usually a big laugh over whether we will have a green Christmas or not, but we’ve already got snow that stays on the ground! There goes my fun. The parade was pretty packed honestly, and kind of hard to see due to the blizzard that we were trapped in, but still worth it. Cold enough that we had to stop in at Kings Place Mall on the way home to warm up! I jumped into a hot bath when we got home, and from that point I have not felt very good. I kinda saw it coming a mile away, but I just can’t seem to get warm again. And now, as I sit here trying to get tired to fall asleep, I’m having some major indigestion stomach pains. Hopefully the morning will bring some pain relief, as I’m hoping to make some more bread. Anyways, night all, hope you’re all warm in bed!

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