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>God bless. That’s all that I can say :)

>Today has been a pretty rough day for little old adorable me. It started when I woke up and I couldn’t move that well. Breathing, reaching for my Blackberry, just moving in general. That didn’t do much for being able to move the fan that we have to keep moving back and forth between the bedroom and living room.

I basically spent all morning playing Animal Crossing…switching back and forth between that and regular TV. Rachael Ray was especially good today! I did manage to get up early on and get a bowl of oh-so delicious Honeycomb. And I did get a glass of water. But come noon when boy started to email me I had to confess that I was hungry and warm and thirsty because I couldn’t move to get the things I wanted, but that I could wait until he came home at 5. He replied in saying that he was on his way. Then a little argument…and he failed to mention that he was already in the building lol. I guess it was a slow work day.

So a couple hours later after we woke up from an impromptu (and not required!) nap, and he made me grilled cheese because I desperately wanted cheese toasted between buttery bread. It’s kind of heaven’s food. He asked if I wanted jam on it, because he knows that I like jam on top. Mind you, he learned this after he made me grilled cheese before and I asked if he could do the same for me, and he put jam in between the bread. WHICH…and I know it’s odd to begin with, does not taste the same at all.

This time, if left on for just a couple minutes more, he’d likely have burned the apartment down. Ok, so I may exaggerate a tad, but in reality, not this time ha ha.

When I make grilled cheese, I butter a piece of bread, flip it and shred some cheese, then slap it into my favorite non-stick Wally Mart (see? It’s almost a discount obsession!) frying pan, then butter another piece and make a sandwich. It’s slightly simple. That’s how I was taught when I was 3, and I kid you not folks, 3. That’s how I’ve always done it. Foolproof.

When he makes grilled cheese, he uses olive oil. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are other ways to make grilled cheese. And if he’d by me a panini press, I’m sure we’d have loads of giggles makin them constantly. HOWEVER. I’ve never heard of using olive oil before. Maybe he doesn’t realise that we have other, lower smoking point oils. Or maybe he doesn’t realise that it’s easier without the goopy reserved for pastas or stir frys. Or maybe he truly doesn’t know how to cook, as he’s pleaded with me since we’ve met. He asked if I wanted jam, I said no I just wanted my samiches. He brings over the thinnest, burnedest things he’s made to date. I blame the thin on the scary rusted cheese grater we won’t use. I think he used a veggie peeler. I blame the burn…and the smoke…and the crumbs…on his cooking ability. But that’s why I lerve him. He makes me things I can eat when I’m sick, whether it’s food or not.

When he came back with his plate to sit down, I asked if he could put jam on them for me. They were a tad tad tad dryish…but again, it’s more than I could do like this. When he got up, his plate, complete with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches and his beloved ketchup, toppled from his armrest into his seat. Ketchup side everywhere.

And a couple minutes ago, I gave him a geography lesson after he showed me a map of the world and asked where North America was. Apparently, Social Studies isn’t taught in Bat-urst? Gotta love him 🙂