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>Gah! Stupid Blogger

>So I have been having some serious angsty thoughts regarding Blogger lately. It’s slightly aggrivating….most of the time. For some reason, Blogger just does not want to co-operate most times. It seems to hate my core being, and wants me to suffer an incredibly drawn out (and may I say untimely) end.

A lot of the time it tends to only post half of my updates. It never seems choose in any particular pattern either, just kinda on a whim. Never seems to like to display properly either on my laptop, which I believe at one point may have had something to do with the Earth’s gravitational pull and the El Nino factor, but now I feel like it just has it out for me. Like really…I have nightmares. Blood-chilling ones. Involving matrices and protractors (and if you’ve ever had a dream with protractors…).

I’m not entirely sure where to go with it honestly. I have looked at some other blogs on here, and they seem to have lots of fun and great ideas and great luck (ok, not luck per say), and then I look at mine and just shudder. A lot of those people also have SOME sort of technological know-how I think. And I also think that some other people may be magicians. In any case, I admire those people emmensly.

To sum up: 1) Blogger hates me, 2) I should really develop (haha I made a funny) my HTML skills, 3) I have nightmares about math that seem to be brought on by said Blogger, 4) I seem to be having a random day of random thoughts.

On a side-note, in speaking out against the Blogger, I think we may have reconciled! The Blogger seems to be on my side and has not retaliated against the hurty words of yesterpost.

I realize that now I most likely have jinxed this whole mess, and my laptop will probably explode upon posting. BUT: thank god for draft-saving capablities!!


>Happy Earth Hour!

>Yes, for those of you that remembered, forgot, or didn’t know altogether, today is the day that you turn off your lights and electronamathingies for an hour to show the power of conservation.

Almost a month ago now my mom sent me an email about the event tonight at the market. Free entry, and bands and things for entertainment. Soooo, we added that to our evening walking routine following a tiny Timmies run (didn’t win!). I haven’t gone to the Earth Hour shindig before at the Boyce Farmer’s Market before, so for once Robbie wasn’t the only one lost lol.

We got in and we got nifty hand powered flashlights, because the entire building was completely dark! No lights at all, which was kinda fun because we’re used to being there on Saturday mornings. There were little earthy-booths set up, and I even learned how to identify winter-animal-footprints from some gummy prints on the ground and a helpful woman (and a oldish hick guy who seemed to have hunted many an animal and was all to eager to interrupt our new friend). I ran into a friend of mine from an old job before we got a good place to see the entertainment onstage from. Free food too! Unfortunately, I started to not feel good (stupid flu!) and we left before the Downtown Blues Band got to perform:(

Next time for sure! Happy Earth Hour everyone, and remember to turn off all non-essential lights and electronics tonight!
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>It’s been a weird week

>As I realize that I haven’t actually blogged lately, I thought I would say hi and to slightly explain.

I’ve been feeling pretty gross lately, and that I would say was impacted greatly by the horrid Winter that we had here. I got the flu and was not a happy camper for a while, though the past couple of days have been better. For those of you from Facebook, we had an awesome day yesterday with my best friend Steph walking around a big wooded park in town, and I was so excited that we were falling through the snow into water that I took photos lol.

On another note, I’ve been stressed to the max the past couple of months, involving lots of things that I can’t exactly talk about yet, but needless to say I feel incredibly emotionally scarred. I think that due to the stress my sleep has been impacted. I was never a very good sleeper, and my mom can attest to that. It’s not that I don’t sleep, it’s that I don’t sleep well. Mainly it’s that I have really bad nightmares, and I’ve now come to the conclusion that I’m starting to identify bits that are re-occuring themes, such as my apparent inability to remember people’s faces enough to have them enter my dream world. It’s kind of hard to explain, but needless to say there are a lot of celebrity cameos in my nightmares. And they aren’t funny guest roles. Another odd thing with me is that I can’t seem to change my perspective in my dreams, and I mean that in a literal fashion. In all of my dreams I can’t see things above a certain point, like I’m seeing things out of my periph while looking down at the ground.

I wonder if I’m really that strange?
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