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>Ahh…my hair!


Awesome hair day today! I went to the Radio Stations to do some PSA voicing for BullyingCanada, bought some Mesclun Mix seeds for my gardening fixation, and now am just making some Penne Alfredo for dinner! I’m debating whether I will cut my hair for my birthday party this weekend….thoughts?

PS- Also, I love my potato heads in the background!


>We can’t move our faces due to at-home nose strips! Yay for incredibly boring Saturday nights with nothing on TV! (Thanks CBC’s Steven and Chris for the idea!:)


>Because he won’t let me post it on the facebook and that there twitter…


Rob’s a wet blanket and wouldn’t let me post this “naked” picture. Who cares right? It’s my blog and my picture, and nobody reads me anyways!

Besides, I thought it was a cute picture, displaying his new haircut. I was mad at my hair and decided to lop it off, and then Rob walks into the bathroom waiting for his cut!

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