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>A day of random happenings……

I finished painting the bulletin board that would go above our new workstation. I say painted, because I can’t stand the look of regular boring brown bulletin boards. It just looks tacky and unkempt to me, especially if you load it up with lots of random meaningless note-taking. So I decided to break out the craft box (yes, I said craft box) and Martha it up a little. Rob picked the colours. Matches the painting opposite. I’m still finding paint in areas I didn’t know I had.

I explained to him another bulletin board trick I learned from Martha, including wine corks. I think he believes me to be mad. Or at least he’s written it down on his “Charlie is a boozer because” list that I’m sure he’s stashed somewhere.

I also got my Telus bill. Yay. I’ll explain my enthusiasm tomorrow.

I made some dessert-esque waffles for dinner, as it’s much to hot to attempt an oven on in this heatwave. They were chocolate-chocolate-coconut-walnut waffles, and they were very yummy with peanut butter! Again, quite sure the boy thinks me mad, but hey, he ate some too.

Put up a mirror for the eventual plants that will co-habit the tv case along with the sprouts and various garbage-room and dollar-store nick naks we pass off as heirlooms. God help us.

Also put up a couple pictures that we, again, found at the dollar store. I mainly blame myself, and my need for decoration. In any case, they follow the basic theme of the apartment. If you were all following along and paying attention, then by now you’d have guessed correctly what that theme was, and this entire sentence would be nothing but idle filler.

And if you guessed wrong, the correct answer was “Booze.”

I’ve been sitting on my laptop for a couple hours re-writing more recipes for the family cookbook (lol…”family!” BAH!), and whilst doing that I’ve been surfing for new blogs to read, and updating my computer as well. The electronamathingy on the list for tonight was my beloved Zune, and if you’ve no idea what that is, shame on you, you’ve missed some vital seasons of “The Real World, Road Rules: The Challenge (The Duel).” It’s my Godly music gizmo, the Microsoft version of the Ipod.

Anyhoo, I love my little Zune, but have neglected it since the move. So I reinstalled the software on my desktop, only to have to pick a name for it’s sync network or something stupid techy sounding like that. “CharlieBenn” was unavailable. But “MeltedVariable, BlackPorpoise, SaturatedFeline, ReflexiveToe, and RootedMocha” were available. I think we know what I chose.

Oh and also, you’re all wrong. I made up my own.



>Garden update… p.s. Rain, I won

>I went out a little earlier to assess the damage from the rain yesterday, and all things considered, I’m a genius. Oh, and everything is fine. A tad waterlogged, but maybe it’s experience for the indoor water garden I’m planning in the Fall.

My tomatoes are about 2 feet tall now, that is, the ones I grew form seed from Chapters. They’ve actually suspiciously outgrown the Scotia I bought from my step-grandmother (?) at the market, but I suppose I can justify that by saying that I have about 4 hand full-sized tomatoes happily busting out on that baby.

I’ve got to replant pretty much every seedling that grew from my Vesey’s Seeds online overindulgence. They are ginormous…and I’m scared that the larger ones might pick on the smaller ones. Think…Veggie Tales in the locker room maybe?

I’m quite happy about the progress that my newer plants are making, my Calamodin Orange, my random tropicals, and my beloved Croton. Don’t tell the others, but that one definitely is my favorite! It came to me quite boring and green, with it’s spikey long leaves. Then after I mistakenly sunburned the little Princess (or Prince….I haven’t figured out how to work gender specific questions into a conversation with it yet), it’s decided to go full blown into verigating itself. Right now it’s green with yellow, but it’s starting to go yellow with green. Soon hopefully it will turn red… it’s so conflicted!!

BTW Rain, I won. I’ve conquered not only you, but your friend the wind. My patio is whirlygiggy once more!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ahem.. cough cough..

Rob just looked over at me:
“What are you doing? You’re typing a lot.”
“Oh yea!”

I doodled a bit earlier when I was bored, and wanted to capture the sheer glee that Rob has been getting over the strawberries, now that they’ve decided to turn sweet finally.

He’s spotted 2 this morning when I was outside, but I’m holding out for a couple more to ripen later today. I think he may be a little disappointed with the crop so far, but, though I may be all powerful, I haven’t figured out how to will my little plant to start spitting pints out at him. Wow! I’m off my game! First the Croton, and now the strawberries 😦

I sahrry 😦

>I hate the rain


I woke up this morning to feeling before sound. Well, that’s not entirely true I guess, Rob woke me. But man did I know it was raining before I could even hear it. My bones ached beyond compare, a little parting gift my operation bestowed on me. It almost feels reminiscent of growing pains, if it hasn’t been too long since I’ve felt one of those ha ha!!

Despite my boyfriend’s love of rain, or maybe just thunderstorms, I am not in agreeance. Mind you I don’t mind sitting outside when the power’s out (which we’ve done, and watched the other fellows in the dark walk by and laughed with us), but wet doesn’t mix well with Charlie. It could have something to do with the amount of hair goop I usually have…or maybe just that no matter how much I have it always falls flat lol.

No, the one specific thing I hate the rain for is because it ruined my garden toys! I loved my whirlygigs. I had 4 lanterns hanging from my string, and I loved how bodaciously tacky they were! Rob said that a friend of his (and a reader!!) walked by and told him she was going to steal them in the night. Probably because I’ve outdone Martha again and have instilled greed in my brethren.

Alas! The rain stole them first..and at about 11 this morning I had them down and in a sopping mass of drooling slop in the middle of my balcony, to dry before their garbage bag burial.

(That doesn’t mean I don’t have backups ready in the wings!!)

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