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>Is Rob a Gamer? No.

>Rob’s funny. I’m sitting here watching him play Animal Crossing and I’m quietly laughing at his lack of a memory. Currently he’s in the museum wandering around all the rooms asking what is what, after I know I’ve shown him in the past when I was looking for his validation.

He’s got bad hand-eye coordination. He’s got a bad memory as I’ve just stated (just wanted to rub it in). Problem solving isn’t his forte either. Hell, he can’t even tell his left from his right most of the time. I’m not entirely sure he was born in the same decade as me, or even within the last few decades for that matter. He seems to have completely missed the gaming years of his life.

But thats ok.

It’s funny and it’s cute because he gets so excited when I catch the butterfly or I beat the boss or I show him how to get past the Boos in that one haunted house in his favorite game that I downloaded off of WiiWare, Super Mario.

Sitting here watching the rain pound down on my poor little seedlings and then watching Rob try and punch my sleeping persona in the town we made over a month ago…kinda makes me think that those seedlings aren’t the only things I’m training.

But on the other hand I know he just plays for me. Growing up I didn’t really have anyone to play with, and I’ve explained that to him a few times. I see the same reactions and twinkle in his eye as my parents had when I was growing up. So “proud” that I reached the goal, and so “happy” when I jumped on Bowser’s head for the final time. It’s not over the achiement, though as a child I was sure it was. He’s happy to keep me company and he’s happy to spend time with me and do something I enjoy, much like my parents and Duck Hunt…even if he’s mad that I sold all the fruit in town already today:)