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>Well Now That I Can Post Again…


December 17th has come and left already, as did Anti-Bullying Day.

All of us involved probably had a heartattack at least once throughout the day due to the stress, but it was still a blast and very good. A great turn-out too!

I took this at an impromptu photo shoot upstairs in the Legislature after Question Period. All of the kids that were able to stay looked like they were so excited to be in a photo with the Premier of New Brunswick, David Alward, and the various MLAs. Rob and Cherie MacLeod, the Director of PFLAG Canada, are on the far left end of the people.

Thanks again everyone, t’was a blast and wouldn’t change a thing! Rob’s mom is challenging me to start to plan next year’s event already!

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This is my favourite part of staying at the Crowne…we always end up getting upgraded for one, which is cool. This time, we aren’t paying for the room as it is because it was donated by the room manager, but we still got upgraded because of Rob’s Priority Club points card! The other members of our group who are staying here are on the second floor, while we are on the 7th:)

I love that we always stay on the floors that have the sign that says no marching bands or circus animals! Though I’m kind of bummed that I can’t see a monkey:(

No vlog tonight! I changed my mind after I was playing in the pool. Just floating there I came to the realization that while Rob was busy with prep for tomorrow, I am on a mini-vacation! And as such, I’m going to lay in my comfy bed and eat the Priority Club chocolate that I took from Rob!


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>Not Feeling All That Well…