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So The Project Has Begun!

As some of you have most likely noticed, either from my Facebook/Twitter postings (click the above buttons to connect with me if you aren’t already), or from the button on the navigation bar, I have started a new project. Codename: 365. Or, more accurately, 365: An Over-Zealous 20 Somethings’ Daily Apartment Gardening Compendium.

Daily postings from the garden, I aim to inform, recommend, and share tips and tricks for those that are both veterans and newbies to the dirt-work, as well as continue to entertain with my usual degree of light-hearted and not-forced-in-the-slightest fun! SO, I encourage you to make your way over to 365 today by typing into your browser search bar (as my link isn’t exactly working right yet lol!) and get caught up on the last couple of days while I work on today’s post!

On the homefront, I have been loving everyday of sun that we’ve been getting! It has gotten so hot lately just within the last two weeks even, and I live for this so! Rob’s been itching for me to bake something lately, so I may take the rhubarb that is in my fridge form my parents and see what I can do. The last couple of batches have been cakes, but I think I can come up with something a little more inventive than that. Well, hopefully. At least I think I can!

Until later, I will bid you adieu. Before you let yourself out, check out the poll, (re)read previous posts, and remember to check out and join me in the garden!


Woohoo! New Blog Content….And It’s All Interactivelike!

So! As you may have noticed (if you’re a regular face around here that is), that there is a little change here in the sidebar area. That’s right! Upon closer inspection, you’ll find a poll!

No, not there….a little down…no up…YEA right there under the Subscribe area!

Know what that means? Hmmmm???

Well, it’s not a free ride here folks. Honestly. I’m not getting any younger and the rent isn’t going any lower. Pony up. Like now. Like ten minutes ago even. No? Well, I tried.


In all truth, it’s fun to get feedback, and it’s even more fun to have your say, your way (just like a burger!). So have fun giving a quick vote on my poll (which shall be posted at an undetermined time…haven’t figured that one out yet ha ha!). It’s quick, easy, and instantly gratifying :p


This poll is a basic one to get us started: what kinds of content do you enjoy my particular spin on? Vote! I also encourage you to re-read some of my past posts. I assure you they’re comic gold. Leave feedback, share it with your friends… know the drill. Have a good one!

>So basically, my life in a peanut-shell

>Since I was up at the good ol’ crack of a forgotten time (before 9am..), and as I should be getting beautiful in a little bit, I shall keep this re-acountment brief.

This has been a fun week, and made extremely the more fun by my Facebook friends and followers! I started a new album called “Yarnisms,” explaining that I get a twitch in my cerebrum everytime I pass a yarn display at WallyWorld or Michael’s or even Ye Olde Zellers..e… and that I get this awesome creative desire to create and discover new ways of said creationism. I even taught myself a new program to better show off photos, which I am more than sure will be brought here as well in the very newish future. As such, I’ve decided to put even more time into my Ami’s as a lot of people gave me some really good feedback and I feel like I’ve been rekindled! It looks like I may even be holding a class of too (with the aid of a couple bottles of vino ala Stitch and Bitch…) as a lot of people are giving requests! I started a new project as I finished up the last two “UFOs”, and hopefully I will have it and it’s mate finished soon.

On a funny note, Rob recieved a new desk, but he is kinda all thumbs, toes, and anything else awkward when putting things together (“With tools? AHHHH!!!”), so I was deemed suitable for the task. It literally took 5 hours to put his desk and hutch together, and the entire experience can be summed up by a Facebook posting I made directed to all my tool-happy Lesbian friends:

I told Rob that at the moment I am not happy with the amount of things he does for me and that I required extra things for an undetermined time frame because of my building prowess. Also told him that if he complained I would take the whole bloody thing apart and hide the Allen Key AND the Screwdrivers. He is permitted the hammer.”

And with that, I bid you adieu, as I am working a lot of hours today at the convention center (FCC). Today and tomorrow are the first public open houses, so it is sure to be busy just due to the amount of people that walk by the building and look in but don’t realize we can see them lol. All hands on deck today!