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>Hates the whole "higher learning" process


I got excepted to NBCC for January 2011, but they didn’t send confirmation of that until 3 weeks to start date. I applied for my student loan, but had to call to make sure I did it right because there was no 2011 form available. Even talk to someone to make sure it’s what they want. Got a letter from student loan saying that I wouldn’t be getting a loan because I applied for the wrong year, NBCC didn’t start until September 2011. They hadn’t read the part where I included that I had spoken with an advisor on the phone and he told me to apply and put that there was no form available. Then NBCC sent a fax to them saying that I had been excepted with an exception to start in January. Then, student loan told me that they wouldn’t read the fax until today (it was last Friday when it was sent). I called today and she said that they can resume processing…and I will get the loan in about 4-6 weeks. That does a lot for my classes, food, bills, and (more importantly) rent. Rob also had issues with his loan, and most likely won’t get his anytime soon either. I’m most likely going to be homeless soon, and its incredibly scary. I’ve been applying for jobs since October, but have gotten only 1 call back, which didn’t work out. I’m not being that snobby in the applications either; I have applied to fast food restaurants and even WalMart. I’ve honestly got no idea what to do now, and I really feel like there is no way to turn. It’s just unbelievable. I applied to NBCC with loads of time to spare, but was only accepted right down to the wire, well after the recommended time frame to apply for a loan. The whole process is counter-productive, and I can’t see how it’s suppose to A) entice people to return to school, and B)help people like me who don’t have very much education or experience to make a living working as they had continue their education so that they can have at least some sort of standard of living. Everyone tells me that it gets better….and I guess I’m still waiting.

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>Crisis Averted, And Other Things


>Been a while…


So the prodigal son returns. Oh and the irony of quoting a bible term is not lost on me:)

That’s right bitches, I’m back, and the good times are already in full swing. It’s been just over a month since I’ve posted on my blog, which is frightening considering that before that I posted everyday for over 3 months! I can’t say a whole lot on why I took a break, other than I was just burned out! It surprised me just how hard it got, and just how much of my time and resources (and sanity!) it took.

What’s happened since? Well, a lot or very little depending on your perspective.

We last left off experiencing my fun little journey at UNB, and at this point I say little indeed. My family and most of my friends haven’t been let in on the secret that is I got really sick and stayed home a lot of days, and when I came back I was too far behind, and I basically got freaked out. I weighed my options, and decided UNB was not for me.

After a couple days, I looked over the different schools that I could find, and settled on a new program offered online at NBCC, in the hopes that maybe that would be a little bit easier on my poor head and timetable than jumping right in at a university.

At least that’s what I’ve told myself. In any case, despite some issues paying online, my application will be in by the end of today.

In other news, Rob and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary….apart of all things! It was Thanksgiving weekend, and Rob had gone home to Baturst while I spent the day with my kitchen making 3 desserts for my lunch with my family. Pretty funny really, considering we basically spend everyday together, and on a somewhat big day like that we weren’t. Meh, we’re good for it every now and then!

Pride committees are in full swing, and we dove headfirst into a sea of meetings and email swarms and the such. Rob is the chair of the communications committee, and is on the community outreach committee, while I am on the communications, community outreach, and festival committees! What does this mean? The long and short of it is Rob can steal people away from Pride to use for Anti-Bullying day in December, and I’m in charge of a blog, a flickr, and twitter updates, along with the occasional news release. In other words, we are way to deep, and I’m loving it:)

I’m sure there are other little tidbits that you’d like to know, such as what colour my hair is currently, how I’ve destroyed a pumpkin, what I’ve gotten on Ebay, how much yarn my apartment now has and why it has its own bookcase, and what we’re doing for a very busy holiday season, but that’s not for now!

For now my friends, relax, maybe have a mug of chai, and relish in the fact that I’m back and better than ever. Oh, and you could re-read some of the posts from yestermonth as well.

Cheers all!
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