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Awesome Day Ahead

Oh by the way, that was some intense sarcasm.

Today marks the first time in recent history that I have bloodwork. I’m super duper excited about begin stabbed in the arm and having a vital fluid extracted! Totally. Like no word of a lie. Ok…except for the “super” “duper” and “excited” ones.

Honestly, why isn’t it as fun as say the Trauma Center games from Nintendo?

My doctor has this theory that I may have Celiac Disease, or an allergy to wheat. I’m of the thought that she’s mad. Me? Allergic to flour? He who bakes constantly? I suppose it’s possible I guess. I’m not too thrilled about it though, and not too thrilled for the testing either.

Bloodwork this morning with possibly other things collected… (Yippee…) And a possible biopsy. While a biopsy could be a cotton swab in mouth, my mind is fully readied to be prepared for the worse..


Best Wake-up View Ever

I wake up this morning, and surprisingly want to get a jump on the day already! Have a shower, slap on sunscreen, get dressed, and even want to eat breakfast (which is incredibly odd for me this early). And then I get to the kitchen and the mountain of dishes are done:)

The End Result:

I harvested a lot of Rhubarb from my parents’ house last weekend that I had yet to do anything with, so I told Rob that today I was cooking. Instead of making my usual Rhubarb Upside-down Cake and Stewed Rhubarb, I made Baked Rhubarb, which tasted similar to the Stewed cousin but kept the shape of the stocks instead of mushing, and this beauty. This is a Rhubarb Galette made with a Pate Brisee Crust. Rob took a slice when I wasn’t looking and before I took a photo so I swatted him out of the kitchen and took my pic. He then asks what was wrong with my pastry skills (as I refuse to make pies that often.). I guess I’ve broken my crust-curse?

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