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>Because he won’t let me post it on the facebook and that there twitter…


Rob’s a wet blanket and wouldn’t let me post this “naked” picture. Who cares right? It’s my blog and my picture, and nobody reads me anyways!

Besides, I thought it was a cute picture, displaying his new haircut. I was mad at my hair and decided to lop it off, and then Rob walks into the bathroom waiting for his cut!

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>Ok, I'll admit that I rely on spell check too much. I apologize for the errors in spelling "decision" in my posting lol!!!

>Funny Thing


So I write about blogging more often, and then I can’t blog for a couple days. Good times lol.

Long story short, Rob lost his phone on a bus, so we had to go and get him a new one…and while we were there I got one too! I got the shiny new torch, and I love it! It’s the perfect thing for me, and quite fast. However, when our mail server is having issues with our shiny new blackberrys, it sucks! I wrote a big long post on Saturday and it was impeccable and what not, and then I ended up having to wipe my phone because the server wasn’t sending our emails.

I had lunch with my riotous family on Sunday, and then last night helped my bestie move in to her apartment.

Today, I geeked out and made candles, and Rob succeeded finally in wearing me down, so I made him some pumpkin soufflee like I did for him at Thanksgiving.

Also, I’m slightly boring today. I made up that descision earlier in the morning. Tomorrow I think that I will not be boring, I haven’t quite decided.

Anyhoo, cheers all!