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Oh Le Sims….I missed you so!

So in the year 2000 (yes, it WAS that long ago), I played The Sims. Within a couple hours, I was fairly hooked. The “God” factor aside, I really got into the house building and stocking with furnishings. This is where I remind you gentle reader that I only came out in 2006 lol. Jokes aside, the little intricacies involved in creating not only a functioning and visually appealing fake house for not only yours truly but also my little fake people really got me going. It was my first computer game, and it definitly went slow in taking my v-card.

Fast forward 11 years, and here we are in June. Then, let’s go back one half-month, and take yourself to a little website called Wikipedia.

Now, as I’m sure you’ve all done before yourselves, I wiki things when I’m bored. And on this day I was wiki-ing computer games. The last time I had done this I had netted Sid Meyers Civilization, which is a totally nifty game if I do say so myself. But that day I had found that The Sims had evolved muchly from when I played it, and it was in it’s 3rd generation! Where had I been? Where had it been in my life all those years lost?

So basically I needed The Sims 3, and installed not only the base game, but each of the released expansion packs; World Adventures, Ambitions, and Late Night. And I needed the “stuff packs” which were High-End Loft Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff, and Fast Lane Stuff. As of May 31st I got another expansion pack; The Sims 3 Generations. I knew it was a hot game later that week as I had worked with a Commissionaire at work who brought his new expansion pack to work with him for later that night:)

Since I’ve installed the game(s), I’ve messed around with some of the new tools (ok, a lot of the new tools!), and created a little Sim Charlie, who dreamed (as he’s already achieved his dream) of being an Illustrious Author by maxing out his writing and painting skills. His boyfriend was next, little Sim Rob, whose lifetime wish is to be a Firefighter Super Hero, which he has yet to achieve, but will do so when he saves 30 people in his Firefighter profession.

They moved into a few houses before they settled on a beach front lot in a town called Brooklyn Heights (a mod world that someone created using the released Create-A-World tool). Though their lot is 60×60, their house is only a small 3 room dwelling, comprising a Bedroom, a Bathroom, and one single “great” Kitchen/Dining/Living room.

We’ve sped our lives ahead a bit in the game (as Rob likes to see what happens when you do this and that over my shoulder lol), and just yesterday we had 2 bachelor parties thanks to Generations (as one apparently wasn’t enough for our friends…”Dancers” dressed as Cowboys and Lifeguards respectively were also needed I guess!), and a small wedding in the park.

While Charlie spends his days cooking and writing Masterpieces (the most profitable books in the game), Rob hangs out at the firehouse prepping the alarm and f(w)iretruck (lol…oh Rob) until the alarm sounds. That’s when real-Rob whips around from his desk to watch because he hears the alarm.

I’m thinking I’m going to write about mini us from time to time. It’s neat playing out different scenarios!

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