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>We Made Cookies!





I’m still trying to get in the habit of blogging again, so excuse me for forgetting sometimes. Today I did not feel very good…again, but better pain wise than the other day for sure. I spent the morning going super easy so we could go to the Santa Claus Parade downtown. So, Fredericton right now is a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in snow and I really do find that weird! There’s usually a big laugh over whether we will have a green Christmas or not, but we’ve already got snow that stays on the ground! There goes my fun. The parade was pretty packed honestly, and kind of hard to see due to the blizzard that we were trapped in, but still worth it. Cold enough that we had to stop in at Kings Place Mall on the way home to warm up! I jumped into a hot bath when we got home, and from that point I have not felt very good. I kinda saw it coming a mile away, but I just can’t seem to get warm again. And now, as I sit here trying to get tired to fall asleep, I’m having some major indigestion stomach pains. Hopefully the morning will bring some pain relief, as I’m hoping to make some more bread. Anyways, night all, hope you’re all warm in bed!

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