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>Guess What This Post Signifies!

>This is my official 100th posting!

YAY!!!! Everybody cheer! Everybody celebrate! Everybody hit the bar! (And feel free to drink to excess, as it is a cash bar and the proceeds are putting me through school lol!)

I wanted to put things aside and just talk for a bit in summary of what’s happened the last Summer. Well, I started to blog as an idea from Rob, just after I got out of the hospital as a way to pass the time, and I latched onto it as a way to further different hobbies that I had, as well as help with the slightly annoying, yet oh so fun to talk about amnesia that I had been developing throughout the ordeal.

I’ve actually met a lot of people through this blog actually, and though not a lot of people read me yet (or at least I don’t think so anyways!), I’ve met some of Rob’s friends and strengthened new ones, as well as reconnected with those that I had lost touch with.

Everyone has apparently salivated over my kitchen endeavors, and I’ve basically been threatened by stapler point by some from various work environments (ahem…you know who you are!!) into bringing sugary morsels of fun to them.

I bought a new toy in my Bamboo Drawing Tablet, which, let’s be honest folks, wasn’t exactly necessary. But let’s face it, you’ve all grown to love my need for shopping and new toys right?

As I’ve stated, I used this platform to create new hobbies and to showcase some of my previously over-exaggerated ones. Cooking, drawing, and tv analysis (making fun of Rachael on Big Brother and her hahaHAhHSHhehsHAhHAShah’s counts right?). I even brought you all with me on my adventures through Amigurumi and all the stupid crocheting stumbles and follies.

I think those closest around me are surprised I haven’t geeked out more on here in regards to video gaming, but believe me, Animal Crossing and our slightly random and off-colour screenshots have not been whisked totally from our lives, and the new generation of Pokemon games are right around the corner………

You’ve seen our little empty apartment grow from a couple of boxes (ok, imagine for a sec!), and the Oasis and it’s semi-bountiful flora, evolve (lol…Pokemon!) into the humid and a little terrifying Rainforest! Quick, heads up!! There’s a lemur! Looks like a storm is brewing over the tv…

A big thing that was helpful was being able to vent and rant and cry and scream at you, the internet people everywhere, about my life, my pains, my re-adjustments to post life-threatening-happenings, my movie choices, and my boyfriend. Basically everything and anything that I feel is pissing me off. That was REALLY helpful!

In closing, the most fun that I’ve, and I’m sure most of you as well, had is definitely bashing said boyfriend. Let’s be honest…most of you just like to make fun of his kitchen mishaps, social awkwardness, and general lack of his surroundings. How many times have I told you that Rob has burned something, pissed me (and others off), fallen, knocked something over, broken something…and I could go on, but I may be talking about future postings now! LOL! Face it, with Rob, it’s going to happen. But that’s one of the reasons we love him isn’t it? In all seriousness, I do have quite the affection towards the boy, and for those of you who’ve yet to meet him, he is honestly someone whom you would have in your corner if given the chance. He’s one in a trillion!

In closing, though I realise that I’ve only had your attention for a fraction of your minute, your day, your week and month, (or even of your three months, come to think of it!), I sincerely hope you have enjoyed yourself! Please do continue to laugh riotously, side splinteringly, and milk spewingly, and remember to leave your feedback!

Keep your eyes glued to your Facebookers and your Twitterers, you never know what may happen to me! (Really! Remember I had emergency surgery that one time, and god knows it would happen again to me! Those that were around for that one fill the others in about the morphine-induced texting! Hilarity in one’s palm!)

Here’s to another 100!*

* If I shot for any higher, I’d have to start charging admission. 


>Ok…..Secret’s Over!

>As I’m sitting here watching the Broadway Clam on Big Brother, I’m trying to figure out how to phrase this so it can capture everyone’s awe and admiration!

On that note, I’ll come right out and say it, I’ve applied to UNB and I’ve just gotten excepted! I will be attending first year classes as of…pretty much next week I guess!

For those of you that are new to my life, or are just catching the five Ws from these things, I graduated high school in 2007, but decided not to return to school just yet. So for the last 3 years, I’ve been working full-time. Now, with the encouragement of my boyfriend, my best friend, and my family, I’ve decided that it’s time.

That said, I have left my full-time job….so who knows what’s going to happen with money! It’s just that right now my life is content, and it seems like it’s the right time. I’m away from parents, which does a lot for my social life and own emtional levels. And my new proximity to both Kings Place and campus bodes well for me the car-less!

Well, that’s about it, other than I guess now our little experiment with sideways Blackberry photos proved that they wouldn’t re-align (see previous posting)!

>We. Are. So. Boring.

>Steph came over for a couple hours to do help with some research, which was very nice. She’s great like that, anytime I need help she’s there. She even brought blueberry muffins from her mom:)

The rest of the day I’ve been working on my octopus amigurumi thing…which again, basically means cute thing that I crocheted lol. It’s coming together, but I’m realizing once again that I go to hardcore anytime I try something, and I tend to bite off more than I can chew. It’s ok, just in this case means a lot of legs! I’m trying to justify finishing a few legs short…but I’m not sure that that would still be considered an octopus. Maybe I could make a pentapus? Or a hexipus? Or is that an entirely other prefix? I’m not sure…

So, a nice, relaxing day, with friend, brain, and motor functions involved! That’s a good Sunday if I ever heard about it. To top it all off, we’re finally caught up on Big Brother now too, so commercials aren’t lost on us anymore.
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