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>A Brand New Venture..And This Time I Didn’t Have To Create The Site!


So the other day Rob and I were invited to the Red Cross’ Christmas parties by Stacy, who is a partner for December 17th, which I hope you all would know by now is Anti-Bullying Day here in New Brunswick. Stacy seems to get a kick out of my various, pretty heavily food influenced Facebook updates.

She and a friend of hers from a cooking group who also works at the Red Cross baked some goodies for the party, and we all giggled as we munched intently on sugar and seemed to bond over our foodie reputations and tendancies. We laughed at how there should be a Foodie Group in Fredericton, and then went, “Holy Cow! The Fredericton Foodie Facebook Group!”

So here we are.

I spent probably two hours when we got home making a picture to use as our display photo, and then got to work on the official page. Had a blast writing the bios and such, and still am finding it fun to promote it and what-not (as in this too!).

So today, a friend of mine posted on her wall that it was National Pastry Day. Now, of course, I’ve no way to actually proove this fact, nor a good enough origin story, but we all know that I’m rather impulsive. So instead of actually doing research, I decided that I would celebrate the joys of said culinary feat, and started promoting the day on the new Foodie Page. Took a little while, but I decided (with Rob’s Stomach’s help of course) what I was going to make.

I had already been putting bread off for three days now, so that was to be made as well.

Settled on Key Lime Pie, and Butter Tarts. The tarts were first started. Using the leftover merlot from our Chicken in Wine yesterday, I made a reduction with some sugar, then left it for a couple hours to start the pie.

For the record, I hate making pastry. The book I was using has not made me anymore of making it myself than I already was, and I’m slightly at the point where I’m going to toss the whole thing (pastry, pans, and book) into my bathtub and torch the whole fucking thing. The Christmas music pumping into my cerebrum from next to me is not helping matters either!

I’ve made pastry before. I know what I’m doing, my hands are just too warm than should be, and as such I’m much better with bread. My hands end up melting the fat in the dough before it goes into the oven so the crusts don’t turn out right. Needless to say, I should have used the recipe I usually use. BUT NO! I had to use the book. Aparently, crusts are differently labeled in Australia, because this stupid mess is not pastry. It’s fucking crumbly unflavoured wet flour.

The pie was a whole other story. What was supposed to be a custard like normal turned into a lime soup. I’m not expecting it to cook. It even pulled up some of the crust as I poured it in. The book says to smooth flat…not necessary when it is flavoured water.

The stupid Butter Tarts taste fine, but again, do not think that they will cook in any amount of time. And now I’m on a time crunch due to the bread going in in a couple minutes.

Am I crazy for attempting to masterfully create so many finicky things at once? Definitely. Am I concerned that I may have just made an inedible mass of sugar and eggs? For sure. Did I have fun? ABSOLUTELY!!

(The anger I had at everything was pouring out my fingertips as I started pounding the keys to write this, and for some reason it seems to have disappated completely! YAY FOR ANGRY WRITING AND PLENTY (tastefully, sprinkled throughout) PROFANITY!!)

For those of you interested in joining the fun on the Fredericton Foodie Group, follow the link :!/pages/The-Fredericton-Foodie-Group/183420741675526 , or search “The Fredericton Foodie Group” in your Facebook search bar. Idealy, and of course this is just me talking, I would like it to be a place where you can post pictures, videos and anything else that shows your foodie habits. I would also like to have recipe-swapping, and maybe even theme contests or something. Right now, I am looking up a calendar of food dates to post to get your idea-maker flowing! And remember: you don’t REALLY have to be from Freddie to join in the fun.

*Edit: Oh dear, just had a screaming match AT Rob and my oven mitts and burnt fingers and casserole dish and pyrex that made sounds and falling knife and the cakes that are my butter tarts and just about everything else. I want to go to bed now.