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>It’s Spring.


I’ve decided out with the old, in with the new. It’s time for a new Blackberry Theme. I’ve come to the sudden realization that Lemurs are cool, so I’ve named mine Chase. No real reason, he just seems like a Chase to me.

In summary, I like my new pet lemur Chase, and my new app Screen Grabber.

That is all. Hope you’re having a truly awful day to truly appreciate the subtle intricacies and amazingly humorous undertones of choosing the perfect Blackberry Torch theme, and feel free to breath a sigh of relief that you use a little Koodo Motosomething and don’t require such internal graphics debates. (Seriously. Tried 3 last night before I was satisfied.)

* She says:

I like him. You don’t have to feed him or clean up his litter.

*** That’s right, my family is awesome.

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I had an awesome day again today at work, and it seems odd that I even call it work! All I’ve done the last two days is walk around and talk to people, which is pretty freaking amazing if you think about it!

Firstly I ran into my parents and granddad on the second floor waiting for me to give them a tour. My Granddad is pretty excited about my job because way back when he worked for NB Tourism, the very field I’m in now. My Mom also took an embarrassing amount of photos!

Next up I led a group of elderly ladies throughout the building, and was quite happy that along the way we ran into most of my bosses and they were more than happy to sing my praises (rather loudly) to them:)

Finally, Rob showed up with my friends Steph and Heidi (whom I haven’t seen since January we worked out!), so I led them around and did a tiny amount of goofing off…and again, Heidi and her photo taking! I felt like a super-suave model…I guess in a way I am one, I’m the face of the FCC. After them my boss told me that I might as well go home as we were done for the day. I didn’t even notice what the time was that’s how much fun I was having! We estimated about 1200-1500 people through the doors today, which we also think is more than yesterday, even though it was 4 hours less today.

The four of us walked to grab a coffee and catch up on Heidi’s adventures in the dessert (she’s recently gotten back from a trip to Katar see her blog at ), then bid adieu as she was a little under the weather and not up for the TWO HOUR walk that the rest of us eventually did. I’m proud to say the my little pokewalker pedometer (accessory included with Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games) clocked in at 18362 steps today! That’s a bunch! Maybe even two bunches!

That’s about all, Rob and I are exhausted muchly, and I think are going to spend the night recouping. There is most likely crochet time tonight pour moi, as I have two projects to finish by May. Cheers everyone! Happy Sunday Night!
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>Steph’s Birthday

>A new day, a new week, and a new start I believe, so it warranted a written Blog as apposed to a Vlog.

So I start:

Lol, lol, lol. Had an awesome day with the unadulterated, unapologetic, and unbelievable Steph as it was her birthday today. Brunch was fun, watching Rob pick out boots for her to try on was priceless, and watching yet another random Nicholas Cage movie was ridiculous. And finally, after countless films, I got my wish: Nicholas Cage to die (and not come back ala Sorceror’s Apprentice). Yay to the zombie ninja monks for distracting him long enough to be killed by the demon. Sorry, should have “spolier alerted”.

*Edit: Spoiler Alert

I felt kinda sick last night at the restaurant, although not because of the actual food. Waking up this morning was pretty shmeggy, and it hasn’t really passed to this point, but at least we had fun today!