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>A day of random happenings……

I finished painting the bulletin board that would go above our new workstation. I say painted, because I can’t stand the look of regular boring brown bulletin boards. It just looks tacky and unkempt to me, especially if you load it up with lots of random meaningless note-taking. So I decided to break out the craft box (yes, I said craft box) and Martha it up a little. Rob picked the colours. Matches the painting opposite. I’m still finding paint in areas I didn’t know I had.

I explained to him another bulletin board trick I learned from Martha, including wine corks. I think he believes me to be mad. Or at least he’s written it down on his “Charlie is a boozer because” list that I’m sure he’s stashed somewhere.

I also got my Telus bill. Yay. I’ll explain my enthusiasm tomorrow.

I made some dessert-esque waffles for dinner, as it’s much to hot to attempt an oven on in this heatwave. They were chocolate-chocolate-coconut-walnut waffles, and they were very yummy with peanut butter! Again, quite sure the boy thinks me mad, but hey, he ate some too.

Put up a mirror for the eventual plants that will co-habit the tv case along with the sprouts and various garbage-room and dollar-store nick naks we pass off as heirlooms. God help us.

Also put up a couple pictures that we, again, found at the dollar store. I mainly blame myself, and my need for decoration. In any case, they follow the basic theme of the apartment. If you were all following along and paying attention, then by now you’d have guessed correctly what that theme was, and this entire sentence would be nothing but idle filler.

And if you guessed wrong, the correct answer was “Booze.”

I’ve been sitting on my laptop for a couple hours re-writing more recipes for the family cookbook (lol…”family!” BAH!), and whilst doing that I’ve been surfing for new blogs to read, and updating my computer as well. The electronamathingy on the list for tonight was my beloved Zune, and if you’ve no idea what that is, shame on you, you’ve missed some vital seasons of “The Real World, Road Rules: The Challenge (The Duel).” It’s my Godly music gizmo, the Microsoft version of the Ipod.

Anyhoo, I love my little Zune, but have neglected it since the move. So I reinstalled the software on my desktop, only to have to pick a name for it’s sync network or something stupid techy sounding like that. “CharlieBenn” was unavailable. But “MeltedVariable, BlackPorpoise, SaturatedFeline, ReflexiveToe, and RootedMocha” were available. I think we know what I chose.

Oh and also, you’re all wrong. I made up my own.



>Oh that Woodside…

>Again, not blogging to bash, only to love.

We just got back from the official city council declaration of Fredericton Pride Week, and it was definitly different. I think going in, we assumed that city council was going to be…formal? Rob is used to sitting in on things at the provincial legislature, and even I’ve been to a couple bill readings there as well. Though we didnt dress up, nor expected that we would have had to.. it was still funny to see Brad Woodside looking up at blue-haired (literally) Debbie Menescus when he said that he was proud to officially announce Pride Week.

Saw a couple people that I knew, not that Fredericton is big enough to not see friends in most groups, let alone in our littlish gay community. Talked with my ex Mike lol. And of course Debbie. My friend from school Nikki and her partner Maggie were there…I think we’ve seen each other probably about 10 times within the last week.

As we were leaving and I introduced Mike and Rob (finally!), we were approached by 2 women and a guy who was probably around our age. They said hi and asked Rob if he knew of any good restaurants around downtown. For some reason, Rob is the one in this relationship that seems to be the Fredericton native, not me! It’s happened more than you would think actually! In any case, I told them to go to Issack’s Way, and after some google mapping they knew where they were going. We went down the steps to chat with Debbie and Nikki and Maggie, and the new guy started asking questions. Rob recognized him from the CBC broadcast today, so they chatted. Then, as Rob was going for the photo op in front of the steps, I introduced myself and he did the same as Corbin from Vancouver. I thought that he was a new person like Rob, when he says that he wasn’t and he was just driving across Canada.

In any case, I got his number and hopefully am meeting up with him later at Boom! Rob’s trying to get my friend Shayla to come with us so he has someone to stand with lol. I can’t drink, and I probably can’t dance a lot, but I’d still like to go to see the place again, and hopefully meet some more people to call new friends!

That was a fun night at least, more fun than I would’ve had hacking my Pokemon game again!

>First off, hi again! I’m back!

>Sorry for those that had noticed and asked where I went…we were having a little fun trying to solve some of my page problems on other sites, but Blogger still seems to be best for me. We kept having a redirect set up between 5 or so different sites, none of which had anything posted on them at all other than the original templates we had chosen and the funny giberish they fill them with. We’re back for now, Rob and I just need a little refresher on HTML coding I think. If only I did my own work in high school instead of swaping moduals with my partner throughout computer class…

Anyhoo, as you’ll hopefully notice, I have a couple new pages up for you to explore and exploit for your own boredom-laced world domination goals…including a sketchbook page where you can view past doodles and drawings as well as some that haven’t gotten posted before (oooh!!! Easter eggs!), with basically no rhyme or reason put into it other than it’s newest first ha ha. I may eventually post to say I’ve updated other parts of my site as well, not just the blog, I’m not sure.

There’s also a funny little guestbook page as well, which Rob has test driven for me. Let’s just say that I’m not too thrilled at the fact that the advertisments coming from the free gadget are goliath to your little 3 word David ramblings. Also, I’m gunna make a game of it to see how many different ads come up, so if you were to sign it, you should also make note of the ad. Rob’s was for weight loss, and when I viewed it it was for teeth whitening. I believe that means thinks that we are ugly and horribly unfit to be in public. But maybe not, and I’m putting too much thought into it. But maybe not.

Let’s just get to the main fun, which I started to blog about yesterday, but decided to make a 2 parter!

Whilst at my parents I packed up the last of my clothes and some other stuff…as well as the last essential ingredient of a good party as well as my living room (but more importantly my bar!), and that is my booze!! Finally I was strong enough to at least go home and dictate how to pack it all up!

I have steadily been upgrading my bar to the point where I am confidant in my dinner party abilities that would lead to someone asking if they could have a *insert favorite sipping and/ or chugging and/ or shooting beverage here*, and I would have the required liquors and spirits to make said item. I personally am partial to cosmos and porn stars, so I’ve got the Absolute and Grand Marnier for sure!

On top of the tabletop bottles, I also reclaimed the wine and champagne that I had stored in the ‘rents basement, and, presuming I will be able to afford a covered wine rack at some point, will be able to break them out of the box in the hall closet and proudly present them to their new home before one of our boozer friends clean us out.

I think that the boy has counted the very few Mike’s that came as well…so if I could get some suggestions on how to consume without his noticing, I would be much obliged.

A little walk to get some food (see previous posting tonight with the penguin!!), and some sold-out ice cream ended in Rob pointing to a planter on the way home asking if we could snip some to grow on our balcony. See? He’s learning!