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Awesome Day Ahead

Oh by the way, that was some intense sarcasm.

Today marks the first time in recent history that I have bloodwork. I’m super duper excited about begin stabbed in the arm and having a vital fluid extracted! Totally. Like no word of a lie. Ok…except for the “super” “duper” and “excited” ones.

Honestly, why isn’t it as fun as say the Trauma Center games from Nintendo?

My doctor has this theory that I may have Celiac Disease, or an allergy to wheat. I’m of the thought that she’s mad. Me? Allergic to flour? He who bakes constantly? I suppose it’s possible I guess. I’m not too thrilled about it though, and not too thrilled for the testing either.

Bloodwork this morning with possibly other things collected… (Yippee…) And a possible biopsy. While a biopsy could be a cotton swab in mouth, my mind is fully readied to be prepared for the worse..


>All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

>So as most of the world knows by now, Rob had a little trouble on our staycation over Valentine’s Day, and we had a little hospital visit. I won’t get into semantics here, but needless to say, I was dreadfully worried.

The last time we were at the hospital was the Summer during my episode. At least Rob was excited (as much as he could be) as he got to ride in an ambulance. He keeps asking me, now days later, if the lights were on. He’s such a kid.

We spent an early (and I mean midnight on) morning at the emergency room, and eventually it turned out that the Doctor had forgotten about us. Fun right? In any case, our sleeping patterns are slightly shit-fucked right now, especially mine. When I lose as much sleep as I did I feel like I get the flu. I remember reading somewhere that your immune system gets cut in half if you don’t sleep, which makes sense in my head. I am not feeling the best at all, and as such am not a happy camper.

At the hospital they took some blood from Rob for tests but didn’t finish them before we left. So Rob went up to the hospital this morning to see what the results were, though I expect that he didn’t think he’d be spending as much time as he did. I meant to go with him this morning, but I guess I was sleeping. I don’t even remember him waking me up. I feel bad not going, but I don’t think I could’ve helped anyways. He messaged me on BBM when I woke up, and I resolved that as he was still waiting I’d go up and wait with him. I even packed a bag and got to Kings Place before he called and said that the doctor came and he can come home. So now I’m waiting in the food court for him to return. Apparently we’ve got to go pick mail up at the post office.
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>Crisis Averted, And Other Things