About Me

What is there to put in a page about me? I guess it’s difficult to start off on such a broad topic! Let’s start with the basics: My name is Charlie Benn and I live in New Brunswick Canada. For those without a map handy, it’s a province on the East Coast of Canada, in the Maritimes Region. New Brunswick is the only Bilingual province in the country, though most of us (including yours truely) are English Speaking. Whether you consider our accent (slight) or sayings “English” are completely up to you gentle reader. We are also neighbours to the American state of Maine, and one would find it hard to figure out where we end and they start, as the two are incredibly similar. And there are probably more Tim Horton’s there then here anyways.

I am 22 years young, and enjoy my life on my own with my live-in boyfriend. Days are spent running around town as pedestrians running errands, hosting meetings, and entertaining friends and family alike. I can’t begin to make you understand how many people we actually run into in the course of a day, and that is not to say that we (or I) are popular by any means. My city is small, though has many big city luxuries such as an abundant retail operations throughout the town, art galleries and museums, world-class dining facilities (not to mention award winning), and two main universities as well as many smaller colleges.

What do I do you ask? Officially I work at a Convention Centre as an Event Supervisor, which means I am a liason between conventioneers and the incorporation, I oversee different workers and troubleshoot anything that comes up in the run of an event. The events on their own run anywhere from small boardroom meetings of 12 to emense kitchen-party style shindigs housing 1200. I am also student age, and am currently enrolled in the Tourism sector of the Provincial Community College network.

But honestly, what’s a 22 year old (kid) without the fun? I cook non-stop, for fun and neccessity most times (as my boyfriend has been known to start a few fires or cut himself), and for project and gift as well. I love to garden, and use and abuse my double-sized balcony fully through the Spring Summer and Fall seasons. I have always gardened, and have my family tree to thank for it. My Mother grew up in the midst of a full-on family greenhouse business, supplying all the grocery stores in the city with produce. Her Grandparents also were horticulturally inclined, living in the woods of Northern New Brunswick away from the hustle of the larger cities. On my Father’s side, everyone plants, and they do so with ancient-esque cultivars brought from house to house reaching back several generations. That side of my family is also quite artistic, and they have combined loves of both arts and plants to create masterpieces. My favourite garden fact from my grandparents is while younger they travelled extensively and brought the family back seeds of a garden perenial known as a Columbine from Monet’s private residential garden in France. They’ve made their way to my parents’ grounds and someday I will still them for my own!

I also enjoy video games and books, and the constant theme of the project is reoccuring with me. I am forever teaching myself a new skill; this past year adding blogging and crochet (amigurumi).

I hope that you’ve found something in this page and blog that you may share in common with me and will make this a daily stop on your browsing map! And honestly, if you’ve not found something that piques your interest, give it a week or two. I’m sure I’ll have made a new project for me!

Thanks all, and feel free to leave your Comments, Suggestions, and Feedback here, Vote on the polls, and drop me an Email through the link on the left. And remember to Subscribe and Pass Along to your friends!


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