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I’ve always loved fishie mobiles…this one’s at my Doctors’ Office.

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Lobster Boil and Kitchen Party!

I can’t believe how much fun working this week at the Fredericton Convention Centre has been! As a part of Congress 2011, a large city-wide convention, we’ve been hosting a huge 5-day Kitchen Party and Lobster Boil here in the ballroom. Unbelievably and supercalafragistically amazingishness!

I can’t begin to say how excited I’ve been to come to work just the last two days, and I’ve got one more day in the finale of Congress this Thursday.

There’s been an immense amount of happy people around, and it makes it way more fun to come to work!

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We Went For A Walk Last Night

Man was it chilly! Everything looked surreal and ethereal because of all the fog. Kinda eerie lol. It was cold but a nice break from the apartment.

This is a picture of the lighthouse downtown, though it’s kind of hard to see due to the awesome quality of the night-shot!

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