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>Rob’s true love

>So, since Rob first stayed over at my parents’ place those many moons ago, he’s been adamant about watching and finishing his apparent favorite show, Queer As Folk.

I started watching the show when it was on Showcase, and definitely got into it, to the point that I hated the summer because I’d have to wait a whole season to see new episodes. When it came out on DVD, I jumped and eventually, with the help of a roommate and a christmas, I had the entire season to myself.

My mom started to watch it with me, as she had heard wonderful things about it from friends and reviews that she’d read. We didn’t get too far watching together, just because of time constraints. It’s a big series for sure, 5 seasons in all.

Now, since I met Rob he’s wanted to watch as many episodes as we could, which today means around 5 or so total so far I think. Through it, he’s determined that Debbie needs to be at our wedding, though not Sharon Gless, the actress that plays her (he hasn’t really met her yet ha ha). He almost cried earlier because we just finished season 3, and when he went to get the next box he realized there was only one more after the new one. I could hear him inside as I was watering plants on the balcony, which means he was loud because our street is busy lol.

I’m personally waiting for season 5 with baited breath as it’s my favorite, with guest stars Rosie and Cyndi. So much happens in the final little bits and I’m really excited to watch it again, it’s been a while.

I’m not sure if he knows that the Queer As Folk that we’re almost done is not the only incarnation…and that the original UK version is on my laptop waiting:)
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>Something’s just not right

>I like my blog. It’s fun to write and get comments on, and it’s definitely brought some funny times with everybody from what I’ve been told. But I have plans for it, ideas for now and the future, and I’m just frustrated because I don’t seem to have a lot of useful experience with the whole logistics of it all. My current erk is that I would like to put up a gallery page with a link alongside the home and contact me links. But I do not have or want a picassa or flikr account, which a lot of the default blogger gadgets need. I didn’t pay enough attention in high school I guess during my computer classes, and don’t know html that well. Rob tries, but is in just a slightly larger boat than me. And his has little corks filling it’s holes lol. There’s a lot that I wish I could do, but its not happening how I would like it. Or rather, when. For now, you can play with the little fisheys at the top of your screen. Hell, who knows? Shannon may get her way and there will be kitten pictures all over it next. Blogger certainly hasn’t a lack of those feline gadgets…

Way helpful.

If anyone could lend some advice, I would certainly be grateful!
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>Art gallery sketch