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Probably The Only One In The World…

As part of my side Garden Blog (click on the 365 tab at the top), I started to compost. Remember though, I’m in an apartment, so composting space is limited. I never added any egg shells to my parent’s heap when I lived at home, but started to when I started composting on my own. I’m probably the only one in the world who washes them before I put them in though haha! In my mind it will keep down the pests!


So The Project Has Begun!

As some of you have most likely noticed, either from my Facebook/Twitter postings (click the above buttons to connect with me if you aren’t already), or from the button on the navigation bar, I have started a new project. Codename: 365. Or, more accurately, 365: An Over-Zealous 20 Somethings’ Daily Apartment Gardening Compendium.

Daily postings from the garden, I aim to inform, recommend, and share tips and tricks for those that are both veterans and newbies to the dirt-work, as well as continue to entertain with my usual degree of light-hearted and not-forced-in-the-slightest fun! SO, I encourage you to make your way over to 365 today by typing into your browser search bar (as my link isn’t exactly working right yet lol!) and get caught up on the last couple of days while I work on today’s post!

On the homefront, I have been loving everyday of sun that we’ve been getting! It has gotten so hot lately just within the last two weeks even, and I live for this so! Rob’s been itching for me to bake something lately, so I may take the rhubarb that is in my fridge form my parents and see what I can do. The last couple of batches have been cakes, but I think I can come up with something a little more inventive than that. Well, hopefully. At least I think I can!

Until later, I will bid you adieu. Before you let yourself out, check out the poll, (re)read previous posts, and remember to check out and join me in the garden!

>Sprout Watch, Day 2 – AM


So I realize it’s no longer AM, but I did take this a while ago, and am just remembering to post while sitting in the waiting room of my Doctor lol. Only 12 hours after I started them and there’s already some little guys going:)

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