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I’m not sure why, but today was a pretty blah day. It wasn’t particularly engaging, and not really all that awful. We’ll call it beige. Or taupe.

Rob had a super huge important (read:boring) meeting today, which meant that for the first time in like a week I was home alone. I do enjoy being solo sometimes, I was always into sitting in a corner by myself to read or draw or just watch things go by my window, and now it is even more imperetive I get SOME time alone, mainly for my sanity….and Rob’s safety.

I did spend more time that I wished playing Final Fantasy IV on my laptop. And by that, I mean I lost time of exactly how many hours were whiled away battling Galbadian soldiers lol. Wow, I’m a geek and I don’t care! Nerds rejoice!

I did mention last night that I was going to let you in on a song that Rob played for me on a visit to Aids NB (on a cookie run haha). It’s slightly my goal to make it go viral, and I’m using it (maliciously I might add) as my not-so-silent plea to Ellen for her support come December 17th! It’s one of my fav songs of the moment, Dynamite by Tyler Cruz, re-done as an anti-bullying anthem. Pretty in love with it right now, so if you’ve got any ideas on how to make it global in a month, I’ll do my best!

Rob told me that it isn’t in it’s final stage quite yet, so it’s a little rough, but here is the link to where it’s hosted:

Rob is in talks to get it on the radio, so fingercrossed! In the meantime feel free to spam your friends and family with it, and if you’ve got any ideas I will surely pass it on the the HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS that did it (serious, I love it too lol), and Rob.

Thanks all! Be safe, Be kind, and Please rewind!



>Update Time!

>Hey all! So last night I created my first Vlog, to unknown reviews!! As usual, I’m not even sure anyone reads me, other than the couple that I get feedback from. That’s ok though, I think I am starting to think of this whole “experiment” as therapy.

So, in design news, I’ve created a new button on the main navigation bar doo-hickey that will take you to see all of the videos I post. Right now there’s all of one video, but if you’re up for a brief laugh, you may want to check it out. Don’t expect any sort of decent editing or annotations or anything like that, I’m not the most technical when it comes to videos.

Now, on other development news, I created a YouTube channel as well, where I’ll post all of the vlogs as well as some other fun little tidbits that is me. So yay! That means another way to find me, and another thing to occupy what little time I seem to have left!

Originally, I wanted to post a video with a song that I am leaving to you to turn viral lol. Rob played it for me, aparently it’s a couple of teachers from a local high school. They’ve taken the song “Dynamite” by what’s his name and turned it into an anti-bullying song in honor of Rob’s provincially designated Anti-Bullying Day, which for those that don’t know, is the 17th of December. So remember to wear blue, and pimp the song that I will post tomorrow.

I’m still hoping that I can get Ellen here, or at least a phone call on air LOL.

So night all, and dream sweet dreams of excitment over tomorrow’s update, and remember to make my YouTube channel a daily stop (as I’m sure this blog is!) and remember to comment, suggest, and share!