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>Morning Everyone!

>So it’s been an interesting week, for sure.

First off, we had a Pride meeting that had been reschedualed from the week before, and I always love those meetings because it’s some of the only time we see friends. This one was lacking in members….there was only like 6 actual committee members. I don’t think much was voted on, but we did have a website update to get to (woo! almost there!), some T-Shirts to look at that had been donated by a local business that I’ve been heavily pimping this week as I think they look great and it’s neat that we have them!

Rob’s had a time trying to get our comunications committee together, which is a little stressful when we’ve got a short window ourselves to be able to fit Pride into right now. Oh well, we are quite capable of doing what we needed on our own.

I finished my “project” this week too! I have been working on something for a couple of weeks now, and the only thing I can say about it right now is yes, there are pictures, and yes, my hands are seriously cramped. Maybe someday I will be able to invest in some of those compressiony-crafty-rubbery-glovey-thingys! I can see it now…………I age 40 years in under an hour :p

Steph delivered our pledge forms for a bowl-a-thon that Rob and I volunteered for later today the other day as well. It’s for a friend of hers, who have a little boy (born in October) that is in some seriously bad shape and is a religious IWK visitor now. So we have been raising money this week the only ways we know how; Rob through email, and me through Facebook. I can’t thank my friends enough, a bunch of them donated just out of their pockets only because I asked! No strings, no hesitation, no anything. I even sweetened the pot (literally), and expanded to what my mom considers one of my biggest talents; I baked a double batch of Toll House Cookies and visited her work yesterday morning. I was able to raise over 80$ on probably 30 cookies! In hindsight, probably the best day of the week to go…..IT WAS PAYDAY! Didn’t even realize until after the fact!

Due to us fundraising, my friend Ashley came for a little visit to drop off the money she was donating (a bunch of moneys in fact!), and she brought Rob’s newest best friend…Olivia. She is Ashley’s adorabubble baby girl, around 7 months old or so. Rob loves her, and she loves Rob’s glasses and mouth:) So while the children play, Ashley and I have time to hang out! That was honestly too much fun, but I’m bummed that I didn’t have anything baked at that time to give her:(

Last night was completely different as it was. Another friend of mine, Shayla, has been super giddy lately (not the different part…she’s like 3 foot nothing and made of sparkles and My Little Ponies), and all because of my newest Facebook photo album, Yarnisms. I’ve been posting pictures of my little Amigurumis and Crocheting adventures, and she is one of the people that not only wanted something, but wanted lessons. So, after reschedualling once, we hung out last night with the excuse that she wanted to get everything she needed to learn.

Well. As we all know by now my thoughts on the vernerable land of Oz (Michael’s The Craft Store), we can probably guess how that went. The thing that I hadn’t realised before however, is that poor little Shayla had never spent any amount of extended time in the store. In fact she’s telling me that was her second time ever. I think she’s lying. She was a little TOO, let’s say…. four-year-old-with-a-box-of-Lucky-Charms. Even for her. But I digress.

I had already made a shopping list of must-haves for the beginner crocheter on my Blackberry a while ago, so it was a snap. I lead her around (first checking all the discount shelves. I’m not sure she knew why yet at this point lol). After I explained what a couple of things were, the “meekness” of it all seemed to melt away, and the child took over.

She basically grabbed anything that was pink, purple, shiny, a shape, or something that had a vowel or consonant in it. It was cute.

I decided that since I had a coupon (Smart me, I looked online and printed out a couple before we left!), I was going to go look for pastry bags as I haven’t had any since before Christmas and it seriously cramps the cupcake factory that is my kitchen.


Uh oh.

The little pixie girl didn’t know about the Wilton’s collection there. Well, she does now!

Not only did she decide to learn how to crochet that night, she was also going to make cupcakes. I can honestly say that I have never been in her exact position before. She didn’t have a pan for them, and therfore no papers, gel paste, “icing system” (as we got her to go with a plastic tube for icing instead of pastry bags….too many different tips for those, she would get waaaaay to overwhelmed. I’ve always been a baker, so it kinda seemed weird for me to be coaching someone on how to start!

I had to ask if she had an oven. I had to.

The rest of the night is pretty much a blur of mass consumerisim (not mine this time!) and tired legs. In preperation for today’s impending embarrassment on the lanes, we went to bed reasonably early. If I was smart I probably would have practised a bit with Wii Bowling instead of writing. Crapola.

Ciao everyone! This is going to be an epic day!


>Been a while…


So the prodigal son returns. Oh and the irony of quoting a bible term is not lost on me:)

That’s right bitches, I’m back, and the good times are already in full swing. It’s been just over a month since I’ve posted on my blog, which is frightening considering that before that I posted everyday for over 3 months! I can’t say a whole lot on why I took a break, other than I was just burned out! It surprised me just how hard it got, and just how much of my time and resources (and sanity!) it took.

What’s happened since? Well, a lot or very little depending on your perspective.

We last left off experiencing my fun little journey at UNB, and at this point I say little indeed. My family and most of my friends haven’t been let in on the secret that is I got really sick and stayed home a lot of days, and when I came back I was too far behind, and I basically got freaked out. I weighed my options, and decided UNB was not for me.

After a couple days, I looked over the different schools that I could find, and settled on a new program offered online at NBCC, in the hopes that maybe that would be a little bit easier on my poor head and timetable than jumping right in at a university.

At least that’s what I’ve told myself. In any case, despite some issues paying online, my application will be in by the end of today.

In other news, Rob and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary….apart of all things! It was Thanksgiving weekend, and Rob had gone home to Baturst while I spent the day with my kitchen making 3 desserts for my lunch with my family. Pretty funny really, considering we basically spend everyday together, and on a somewhat big day like that we weren’t. Meh, we’re good for it every now and then!

Pride committees are in full swing, and we dove headfirst into a sea of meetings and email swarms and the such. Rob is the chair of the communications committee, and is on the community outreach committee, while I am on the communications, community outreach, and festival committees! What does this mean? The long and short of it is Rob can steal people away from Pride to use for Anti-Bullying day in December, and I’m in charge of a blog, a flickr, and twitter updates, along with the occasional news release. In other words, we are way to deep, and I’m loving it:)

I’m sure there are other little tidbits that you’d like to know, such as what colour my hair is currently, how I’ve destroyed a pumpkin, what I’ve gotten on Ebay, how much yarn my apartment now has and why it has its own bookcase, and what we’re doing for a very busy holiday season, but that’s not for now!

For now my friends, relax, maybe have a mug of chai, and relish in the fact that I’m back and better than ever. Oh, and you could re-read some of the posts from yestermonth as well.

Cheers all!
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>Oh that Woodside…

>Again, not blogging to bash, only to love.

We just got back from the official city council declaration of Fredericton Pride Week, and it was definitly different. I think going in, we assumed that city council was going to be…formal? Rob is used to sitting in on things at the provincial legislature, and even I’ve been to a couple bill readings there as well. Though we didnt dress up, nor expected that we would have had to.. it was still funny to see Brad Woodside looking up at blue-haired (literally) Debbie Menescus when he said that he was proud to officially announce Pride Week.

Saw a couple people that I knew, not that Fredericton is big enough to not see friends in most groups, let alone in our littlish gay community. Talked with my ex Mike lol. And of course Debbie. My friend from school Nikki and her partner Maggie were there…I think we’ve seen each other probably about 10 times within the last week.

As we were leaving and I introduced Mike and Rob (finally!), we were approached by 2 women and a guy who was probably around our age. They said hi and asked Rob if he knew of any good restaurants around downtown. For some reason, Rob is the one in this relationship that seems to be the Fredericton native, not me! It’s happened more than you would think actually! In any case, I told them to go to Issack’s Way, and after some google mapping they knew where they were going. We went down the steps to chat with Debbie and Nikki and Maggie, and the new guy started asking questions. Rob recognized him from the CBC broadcast today, so they chatted. Then, as Rob was going for the photo op in front of the steps, I introduced myself and he did the same as Corbin from Vancouver. I thought that he was a new person like Rob, when he says that he wasn’t and he was just driving across Canada.

In any case, I got his number and hopefully am meeting up with him later at Boom! Rob’s trying to get my friend Shayla to come with us so he has someone to stand with lol. I can’t drink, and I probably can’t dance a lot, but I’d still like to go to see the place again, and hopefully meet some more people to call new friends!

That was a fun night at least, more fun than I would’ve had hacking my Pokemon game again!