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>So, I didn’t even realise that I forgot to post the past 2 days!! I feel so unclean and dirty at this point, That’s the first time ever that I hadn’t posted anything! I made sure that I at least said hi to everyone and complain about something EVERYDAY. But alas, that didn’t work out. In my defense, I am getting behind already in school, and it’s all just being a bit much. Mainly, Latin is kicking my ass. But in any case, I’m sorry, and I promise to try harder to post!




I am honestly having a little trouble with UNB, not as a bad thing, just a getting-used-to-things-thing. In understanding the layout of campus, and knowing where my buildings/classrooms are, my new issue is just with my Latin course. Obviously, I will adjust, and ask for help (often!), but for now, I can at least find solace in my new sanctuary, the greenhouse. It’s kind of neat, to me at least, that its the same place that not only my dad but my uncle both used to enjoy this secret place, and now I can as well. I find it calming, even though I’ve heard people grossed out by the bugs, or the pitcher plant. I also think its neat that I’m growing a lot of the plants that they have a specimens, including the calamondin orange that is in the middle of this picture!
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>Whilst I wait for my tutorial…

>So as you all know, I enrolled at UNB, and thus begins my post secondary extravaganza! And as such, I’ve received the most spread out schedule I think I’ve ever seen. Thank god I live close to campus, but I don’t live that close! Between a lot of my classes I’ve got an hour, so factor in the 20 minutes it takes me to find the right building, then the extra 15 to find the class…and here you have me waiting outside of the library on a bench in the mildly refreshing breeze, the site of my Arts 1000 tutorial today!

Seeing as I’ve got a little time to kill, and my self-made trail mix can only last me so long, I thought I would take this time to write a blog for today, as I’ve noticed I’m not that great at sectioning off my time yet. I had all weekend to do some textbook readings, and a couple questions for my Latin class, but no!!! I had to spend my Saturday at the Aids Walk, running my little tushie throughout the 5km route (alas, only doing 3km!). Then Sunday was spent entertaining a breakfast guest, then school supply shopping with mom. I believe she was surprised all I wanted was notebooks and a clipboard.

Honestly, most of you are probably not surprised at this point that I didn’t open a single book all weekend. And by that I mean, if you’ve noticed I’m blogging between classes, you’ve also noticed that I’m not doing homework!

Cheerio all, I’m sure I’ll see you again soon, if my procrastination remains strong!
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