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Ridin’ The Rails, And Knowledge To Help You Travel

With all the hubbub the past couple of weeks, I really needed a break! It just so happens that Rob’s parents were itching for a visit (they live just outside of Bathurst, New Brunswick), so a short excursion was planned! I’m currently sitting in the cabin of my first train ride!

Neither of us drive, so most of the time we hop on the bus line and get around the maritimes that way, but this time Rob had planned to get me on my first rail experience after a brief bus to a neighbouring city. Not going to sugar-coat this, but I’m actually feeling pretty claustrophobic! Honestly, our little 6 ft X 3 ft space isn’t much smaller than our apartment (hardy har har), but it’s enough to make me a little anxious.

We’re just on Day 1 of our trip, so hopefully I’ll post again once we’re not so helter-skelter, but I thought I would share with you some nuggets of wisdom that I’ve come across, so enjoy!

I am not to do coffee runs early in the morning, as I am prone to mis-ordering, babbling at the counter, and all together forgetting items ALREADY PAID FOR.

Using public washrooms are fine, so long as you do not go in after that one guy. You know… that guy. He’s not having trouble on the toilet, he’s having a blast. Literally. Yea, don’t wave under the stall at me buddy, I’m engaged. Also, you no look so nice.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stand in the middle of the parking lot while waiting to board the bus, as your ass will likely become a part of the nightly news cast due to the forthcoming bus shut-down. Yes, the reporter got all kinds of ‘B-Roll’ footage.

When sitting at lunch with your fiance’s wife (nickname, I swear), it’s completely normal, and almost assumed that you should check out the firefighters that drive by. Both times.

Not all trains travel to Hogsmeade. Others will stare when you ask when you should put on your school cloak.

Wine is fun when it comes from a drinking box… Though maybe not as fun after it has been carelessly spilled. May have forgotten that trains move when they travel.

Even sleeper cabins can have art, though nobody would call it tasteful by any means. Maybe ‘encroaching’ would be a better word.

When using the bathroom, try to remember to sit–not stand. It makes the world (and subsequent floor) a better place. Those spashes? Oh no, that was the faucet. See? It’s so close to the toilet it makes you think it was something else.

Further on that last point, deny deny deny. The liquid all over your shorts’ crotch? That’s the tilt-a-whirling wine again. No, it’s not urine.