>We can’t move our faces due to at-home nose strips! Yay for incredibly boring Saturday nights with nothing on TV! (Thanks CBC’s Steven and Chris for the idea!:)



About charliebenn

I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

Posted on February 26, 2011, in Grooming, Photo, Rob. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. >what are 'at-home nose strips'? Any nose strips I've ever had pretty much gave me the impression they were all for 'at-home'…

  2. >Ah!But they are really expensive at the store (or so Steven and Chris say on CBC), so I made homemade versions with paper towel and eggs and pepper! It was really fun honestly,we kept scratching and I kept sneezing lol!

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