>So late….


So I can’t believe that it is currently 2 am and I am not asleep.

Let me backtrack.

So today I cooked, no surprise there right? I brought the last of Rob’s homemade bread out of the freezer yesterday so that I could use it up making Bread Pudding. A month or so ago now Rob had made me bread, which in all honesty was a good attempt. What happened was that he overworked the dough and it didn’t rise properly, so he put it back down to rise more and then punched it down again.. Then he under cooked the lumps of dough so they were smallish clumps of grey hard breadish stuff.

*at this point, I look over to the sleeping cocoon that is my boyfriend Rob, and I can just think about how lucky I am that I have a guy that would TRY for me. That’s all that I could want really right? Besides, our kitchen is way too small for both of us!

Anyhoo, so I started and completed the bread pudding (after a trip to the grocery store with my all of 30 bucks that I had from my paycheck for food), at which Rob asked if I could make a carrot dish he found online. That would be done for dinner hours later, but in between I started crocheting.

Last weekend I promised Rob that by the end of the week I would have made him gloves. And sure enough, still working on them.

I found a pattern earlier on in the week that I liked, and have restarted 3 times since then. I never really realized just how hard it is to crochet for real! And not just do amigurumi. I’m used to working in rounds, and could not for the life of me figure out how to do the stupid regular thing. Let’s just say that there were more “colourful” language in my weeks’ repertoire. Third time is the charm I guess!

So far tonight I’ve done the hand part and two fingers, and considering just how much anguish I’ve gone through this week in happy. No, seriously. I was so happy crocheting tonight! Maybe it’s due to me regaining my confidence?

Speaking of confidence in my yarning abilities, my friend Mitch (who can be seen in one of my vlogs) has requisitioned an ami from me! I’m so excited that somebody values my efforts like that! I told him that I’ve got most of the yarn on hand, but he’s going to replenish a colour for me.

On the ami front, I took a break from working with tiny hooks just because my hands were hurting so much! I suffer for my art alright, and I’ll fight anyone who says any different!

Let’s see, what else is new? I wonder if I’ve mentioned that I started my new job last week. Blogger has been giving me a run for my patience lately, so I haven’t been able to post for a while. In hindsight, I guess I could have vlogged, but forgot until now lol. So I started at the new convention center and had a blast at my first event. I am an Event Supervisor, meaning I corral all of the front desk people, janitors, servers… and I don’t know who else lol. It’s still kinda new to me, and I have only worked the one night. I got an email today from my boss booking me for 2 events coming up in the month so I’m happy with that!

I’ve still not been able to start school yet. My loan is basically still being processed. They messed up on their end and I’m the one their screwing up the ass. ‘Nuff said!

I finally got to see my bestie Steph last weekend, after what seemed like a month. The three of us went to try out new beds, which was almost as fun as trying to find an apartment. Everybody always assumes that Steph and one of us are together, but can’t seem to figure out who the other guy is. But as well all know, when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. But mainly just you. Biggot.

I also got to see and pow-wow with another friend of mine from my last job, and got the skinny about someone that I had run into and almost peed thinking of her. Let’s just say that the skinny was truly awesome and requires another pow-wow in a week!

This weekend in Fredericton is Winterfest, which is this giant family fun weekend where there are ice slides and mazes and dogsledding and sculptures and everything else you could think of, and I had every intention of bringing Rob, as he’s obviously never been, and I haven’t in at least 3 years. However, Rob’s gone and hurt himself after a Pride meeting this week, and I don’t want to make him any more hurt. I think we are going to wait until tomorrow morning to figure out what we are going to do. That’s pretty much when we find out what the plans are, as Steph usually starts texting and calling weekends at 10 am. Mitch messaged us earlier about making snomosexuals and snolympians tomorrow night too though, so who knows.

Well, I do know something; Rob needs gloves finished before anything else! He’s gunna freeze his fingers off without any!

Just in writing this long-ass ramble, I’ve gotten 3 junk emails! That’s insane isn’t it?

Well, I’ve been writing for about 2 hours now in between looking up at the tv, and I’m using my touchscreen instead of keypad because I didn’t want to wake Sleeping Beauty up too much, but it’s hard to type on this thing! I think that’s my cue to stop crackberrying for the night. Here’s to a good sleep in (not bloody likely with Mr. Morning next to me!).

Nighty-night chickens!

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