>It’s Crunch Time

>So Rob just broke a bowl. Not a whole lot of suprise, I worry for the clumsy fool sometimes. Oh, sorry, he comes in saying that he broke two bowls lol.

Before he sits down to read this, and before the internet destroys his already dangerousy low kitchen self-esteem, no, I’m not mad. Not even at all.

*Edit- Ok…so he’s broken a wooden cutting board too. Not entirely sure how he did it mind you.

No, Rob is not THAT bad in the kitchen….he’s only ever broken a couple things since I’ve been with him. I remember during the summer he broke a couple of bowls which prompted me to call mom saying that I needed to go find some new dishes. Then, just about a month ago, the boy broke what is known by all as my favourite mug.

A friend of mine that I used to work with many moons ago created this display for an art show she was in, in which the theme of the group was waste.

*Edit- something fell on the floor…no swearing, so I think we’re good!

At this art show, she had gone around and taken photos of garbage and framed them in broken window frames (which I had helped to prep!!), and a second display in which she had a free-garage sale. She had gathered up all the junk that she had been given over the previous year and placed it all on a table for people to look at and choose something to keep…all in exchange for their autograph in a book for her.

It was a wonderfully interesting idea, and was quite fun to see! Lots of people just coming to see the art, and leaving with a gifty!

I had found this massive, bowl shaped mug and saucer, and used them as my hot chocolate and bagel dishes. And then, Rob dropped the mug lol.

It’s ok, beleive me, I’m more releaved that he is ok. But man was it funny! And even now I’m laughing because he managed to cleave a wooden cutting board (ironically, the one I cut bagels on) in half!

Go Rob. Also, don’t hate me for laughing online at your expense.

On a side-note, originally I had intended on using the pieces that I saved from the mug to put back together as a pot or something. Rob (and the friend that i got it from) liked the idea of putting the pieces together as a mosaic. I’m not sure which I like better honestly. In any case, I like either idea because that way I can still see the pieces and I remember the instance that I recieved the original thing, as well as the circumstances that caused the piece to be in the pieces that are before me lol.

*Edit- So he’s brought me the new broken dishes..one is a bowl that’s part of my set of dishes from my late grandmother (the one that I wrote about a couple of posts ago…), and the other is a bowl that’s part of the set I got during the summer. And I still have no idea how he broke a cutting board!


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