>Not much,


But Christmas is beginning to hit our apartment!

This tree is really funky, and pop-arty I always thought. It belonged to my grammie, my mom’s mom. And she is quite like us in that she is a free-cycler…she found it in her apartment’s garbage room just like we do almost daily! Still in it’s original box ta boot!

This tree is just a simple dowel with holes drilled into it, you put the garland-covered metal branches in the slots. It’s just super easy and simple looking, but definitely wows due to its’ entirely silver colour. I really love the fact that this was my grammie’s favourite thing ever.

Though she’s not with us anymore, she lives on in me and my love of the holidays. She was part of a large family and in turn had a large family. They, like my family, were certainly not the richest in the world, but still made the most of what they had. She always made a big deal for her own family at the holidays because though they did not have much to give, they were all they ever needed. Being together were what was important, and sharing in games and good food was Christmas.

When I was little I would stay with her when my parents needed away-from-me time. We would cook and bake and watch Yogi Bear:) But at Christmas, she would always leave me in charge of decorating her little apartment for her. So she would bring down all of the boxes she had stashed in her little one bedroom apartment and help me unpack the decorations. Then she would only place things where I showed her and made sure the cookies kept coming!

When I was little my favorite time of the year was Christmas. She made my holidays that extra special. When she passed on we didn’t actually decorate that year. It was really hard because she had died around Christmas herself. It took a while to be able to start to celebrate the way that she always wanted us to.

Today was a hard day. Rob and I went over to my parents’ house for a couple hours, and while there we went through the Christmas decorations with my parents in preparation for the first Christmas that my grandparents have had moved out of their now-sold house. I had intentions to steal what I could, and actually found it pretty hard to go through it all. I ended up breaking down and crying an alarming amount today, and was especially unhappy about doing so in front of my mom and Rob. I boxed up my own decorations, and was quite excited/surprised/saddened/thankful that my mom had gone through it all with us and gave me pieces that were quite dear to me from all three collections: my parents, my paternal grandparents, and my maternal grandmother.

It was hard, and I’m glad I can just stay in bed for a while. Putting together just this one tree was hard, and I can only imagine how hard the rest of the boxes are going to be.

I’m sorry for the length and scatteredness of this post, it’s kind of hard to get it all down. I don’t feel comfortable re-reading it to edit it at all. Have a good night everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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