>An excuse for why I’ve been lagging behind again!


I’ve been busy amigurumi-ing! Rob wanted me to make him lots of things, and me being the video game guy, I suggested maybe doing some pokemon. Of course, Rob wants me to take things further…by doing all of them! I’m not sure that he realizes that with the new games Pokemon Black and White, that makes 649!!! I guess I better start crocheting! I also like doing just random ones like the octopus, and I’ve made a giant mushroom family and also a fried egg pin cushion:)

On a slight side note, I was wondering if maybe I should start posting the patterns that I either change or fully create? Any thoughts interweb?

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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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