>Chat With Rob On Blackberry Messenger…Sort Of


Charlie, Rob

Charlie: Meh now I’m just walkih around
Rob: I may do that too.
Charlie: Lol
Rob: I am crossing the pedway
Charlie: Fun fun!
Rob: And yay. I just saw Mike.
Charlie: Who?
Rob: Mike.
Charlie: Mike who?
Rob: Your ex?
Charlie: Oh ok
Charlie: Where?
Rob: LOL
Rob: Pedway
Charlie: Did he know you?
Rob: Nope
Charlie: Sorry?
Rob: I don’t really care lol
Charlie: Oh ok
Rob: I did not say hi or anything
Charlie: Lol
Charlie: What was he doing? Just walking? You make it sound like a big deal lol!!
Rob: IMG00320.jpg ( 46.79 KB )
Rob: Its. Gonna rain
Charlie: Lol
Rob: How did I make it seem like a big deal? I just said I saw Mike. And yea he was walking
Charlie: Haha ok.
Charlie: Its freddie, you run into exes all the time
Rob: You’re weird, but I love you anyways. Oh and btw. I know this may sound muchy or what ever but you the whole “small fights” we have were we don’t talk to each other for an hour? Well just so you know I don’t care how many of those we have – I am not going anywhere ok? 🙂 next topic lol
Charlie: Ummmmmmmmmotay
Charlie: I dunno what to do now
Rob: Just so you know… I am committed to being with you and don’t want anyone else … Mind you at times you do want to kill me
Rob: Go to the bookstore?
Charlie: Ug yes I know this stuff. And bookstore is packed
Charlie: Oh I got an email about the welcome bbq tonight
Rob: I’m trying to find the stupid walking trail. I am on the walking trail by the river
Rob: You gonna go?
Charlie: That is the walking trail.
Rob: Oh ok. Go me!
Charlie: Haha
Charlie: And the bbq is open to everybody. I’m not sure
Rob: What time?
Charlie: I dunno..I think 7
Rob: Ok, well you can decide later lol wow one half of the sky looks like rain the other half looks like sun
Charlie: Yea I know I’m outside
Rob: Oh lol
Rob: Ok
Charlie: Have been the whole time lol
Rob: Oh ugh now I feel stupid
Charlie: Why
Rob: Cause I have been disscribing the weather
Charlie: Meh
Charlie: BOrED
Rob: Ughh I wish STU would hury up
Charlie: Lol
Rob: Me too!
Charlie: I’m bored sitting at campus though lol
Rob: I wnder if I can walk to the Regent Mall
Rob: I’m bored on a walking trail
Charlie: There’s lots of people walking around and I’m just sitting lol
Rob: I rather be at campus I atleast know ppl there!
Charlie: One girl just gave me extreme stink eye lol
Rob: Why?
Charlie: I dunno!!
Charlie: She was walking down the hill…why didn’t I push her?
Charlie: She coulda rolled!!!
Charlie: Imma gunna say battery pull…
Charlie: And while you’re gone ill just keep talking$
Charlie: So the weathers nice
Charlie: And its not too hot
Charlie: Not too cold
Charlie: Just right
Charlie: Mind you I got hot walking up the hill
Charlie: And sweaty
Charlie: But I’m not sweaty anymore
Charlie: Not really hot either
Charlie: I’m just sitting on a picnic bench outaside of some building
Charlie: I’m not sure what building it is, but its definitley a building
Charlie: Like a big red building
Charlie: Its kind of made of brick, but there’s some cement too
Charlie: It looks like there are bike parts inside of the door
Charlie: Ok I’m done rambling…but you’re still battery pulling I think
Charlie: Or I may have killed your bb with the messgaes
Charlie: But I don’t care that much though, because I’m bored
Charlie: Ba ba ba bored!
Charlie: I’m so bored
Charlie: B o r e d
Charlie: That spells bored
Charlie: Not like a plank of wood
Charlie: That’s spelled b o a r d
Charlie: Or like p e n I s is no children are present
Charlie: But were all adults here, so imma say enough with the dirty jokes
Charlie: So in this case, bored is spelled b o r e d
Charlie: I wonder how many words you can spell with b o r e d
Charlie: Well there’s r e d
Charlie: And b o r e
Charlie: I am not sure if I can find any others
Charlie: I guess if I tried I maybe could, but I don’t feel like trying
Charlie: I think I’m gunna go find the library now.
Charlie: That’s a good plan!

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