>It’s tied up (literally), Mother Nature: 2, Charlie: 2

>This is the first time that I really have nothing to say. I’ve blogged everyday since I started (though I seem to have forgotten when that was …), and each day I’ve had something to update the world on.

Really the only thing of merit that was done today was I fought the evil Mother Nature again, and again I staved off her horrendous elemental fury to a fortuitous end.

In retrospect, I love a hyperbole.

In reality, last night the wind was so loud I had to make Rob close the window. For some reason, every time he closes it it’s whisper quiet, as opposed to the dying cat that comes out when I attempt. In any case, that old witch huffed and puffed and only was it in the morning that I realized she had blown my precious tomatoes down.

The strongest plants that I have, my 4 foot tomatoes that I’ve grown from seed, had almost snapped cleanly in half because of the winds. I hadn’t appropriately secured them to the railing. However, all were saved with some dollar store rubber wire, and they had rewarded me with some plump fruits.

I harvested the very first 3 tomatoes from my oasis, and noticed that while there are another 3 soon to ripen, it’s decided to re-flower! There are probably another 5 or so to come from it.

Another discovery was that my tres exotique Sunberry plants are beginning to bloom as well! I think I may try making some jam from them:)

Rob’s crying on the inside and whining on the outside…we started the last season of Queer As Folk just over an hour ago. Pray for him.

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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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  1. Have you ever grown tomatoes in one of those upside down planters inside? M
    ine were quite big so I put them outside, still hanging upside down, then they broke. Any ideas?

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