>A promise is a promise!!


(Hi I’m cultured and things, I’m Charlie haha)

So I posted yesterday about the paintings and couch being brought over by my dad, and as promised, here are some photos for those of you that don’t live one street over and visit sometimes, but not all the time, but the sometimes is good too don’t get me wrong…

I love these paintings, and barring the horrible photo quality (blame my beloved crackberry, and my aparent laziness for not using my camera), I hope you love them too! They’re called “Night and Day,” six feet long, and were painted by my granddad and completed in 1999. I remember him painting them, I was one of the only ones who he’d paint in front of. With most other people he would finish up something and put it away and look at you to talk to. But with me, he would just continue with the sketch or the brush strokes. When he finished with them, they were put in a couple shows, one McCain show in Florenceville I remember vividly. And from the time that he finished, I said that they would be mine.

So true to form, they hang in my apartment.

The other plus, and the original reason a truck was to stop here at Westgyle, was to deliver our slightly used, but not very, couch! So now we can have more that 3 people over at one time! It’s a pull-out too, for the couple friends that said that they will be claiming our living room at somepoint.

Rob decided that he has become a dumpster diver such as myself, so he procured the rather ugly but slightly awesome red velvet throw pillow which I think brings out the colour of the Golden Throne, which incidentally is yellow velvet.

And a tiny little shout-out to our new addition in the kitchen…we brought it home from the Superstore yesterday. It made the best waffles ever, which I have never done before.

Night guys! Ice cream awaits!


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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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