>Fertalizing…no, not that kind

>Still brainstorming blog design doodads and whatnots, so we’ll see what happens the next couple of days.

So I’m sitting here after watering my plants earlier, and I’m slightly just basking in the afterglow of a balcony well done you could say. Given that this is my first year (and halfway through the growing season at that!), I think I did fairly well. Even Rob did.

The Morning Glories have yet to bloom, which I slightly expected and denied would happen. I started them in June, which is a month after I would have if I had intended on growing them lol. My hospital stay can again be blamed for that as well, as when I arrived home from my stay I couldn’t actually lift the plants that my mom had done up for me. On a sidenote…just saying…one of those 2 pots have completely died ha ha. I’ve got the Glories growing on twine hung from the built in hooks that suspend from the balcony above us as I’ve stated and shown. They look cool at least, and were and still are fun to watch grow inches everyday.

The original tomato plants that I grew from seed bought from Chapters are amazingly well established, and seeds will be taken from them in the fall. They are all between 2-3 feet, and all have a boatload of buds and flowers between them. I’ve just repotted them a couple of weekends ago in some tree pots from the garbage room, and I think that they are quite thankful for that. With all the wind that we had for a while there, they kept getting blown over on top of each other. Mom even made a dollar store run for some rubber twine to tie them up and it looks so cool! The plant I received from my step-grandmother at the market is smaller, but has 6 decent sized fruits on them, which are started to turn yellowy-red.

The Sunberry and Hibiscus are slightly hard to distinguish…both stes of plants are pretty much the same size and have similar leaves. I guess we’ll find out which is which when we’re eating the sunberries and living the Hawaiian dream with the smells and such of the Hibiscus.

I just finished doing some research on one of my favourite websites (MarthStewart.com lol) regarding fertalizing my Calamondin Orange tree. It’s kinda neat because it’s actually a cross between a kumquat and a tangerine, except that you use the little 1 inch fruit as a lemon. Seeing as Rob eats lemons raw, he’s a little more excited than most would be. I’m scared to start fertalizing, as I’m not too versed in the practise. I never have fertalized plants before. I always just used to do things naturally. However, the original owners of it were pretty brutal to the little guy, and over pruned it to a twig reminiscent of the Christmas Tree from Charlie Brown. On top of that, I have to soon prune it myself. I’m thinking some sort of vlog posting with some slasher-flick shrieking in the background (provided by an over dramatic Rob and / or Charlie) may be in order…


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