>Oh that Woodside…

>Again, not blogging to bash, only to love.

We just got back from the official city council declaration of Fredericton Pride Week, and it was definitly different. I think going in, we assumed that city council was going to be…formal? Rob is used to sitting in on things at the provincial legislature, and even I’ve been to a couple bill readings there as well. Though we didnt dress up, nor expected that we would have had to.. it was still funny to see Brad Woodside looking up at blue-haired (literally) Debbie Menescus when he said that he was proud to officially announce Pride Week.

Saw a couple people that I knew, not that Fredericton is big enough to not see friends in most groups, let alone in our littlish gay community. Talked with my ex Mike lol. And of course Debbie. My friend from school Nikki and her partner Maggie were there…I think we’ve seen each other probably about 10 times within the last week.

As we were leaving and I introduced Mike and Rob (finally!), we were approached by 2 women and a guy who was probably around our age. They said hi and asked Rob if he knew of any good restaurants around downtown. For some reason, Rob is the one in this relationship that seems to be the Fredericton native, not me! It’s happened more than you would think actually! In any case, I told them to go to Issack’s Way, and after some google mapping they knew where they were going. We went down the steps to chat with Debbie and Nikki and Maggie, and the new guy started asking questions. Rob recognized him from the CBC broadcast today, so they chatted. Then, as Rob was going for the photo op in front of the steps, I introduced myself and he did the same as Corbin from Vancouver. I thought that he was a new person like Rob, when he says that he wasn’t and he was just driving across Canada.

In any case, I got his number and hopefully am meeting up with him later at Boom! Rob’s trying to get my friend Shayla to come with us so he has someone to stand with lol. I can’t drink, and I probably can’t dance a lot, but I’d still like to go to see the place again, and hopefully meet some more people to call new friends!

That was a fun night at least, more fun than I would’ve had hacking my Pokemon game again!


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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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