Ok, now that that’s off my chest…happy pride everyone! Yes, it’s that time of the year where all our flames burn just a little bit brighter than usual, except in my case, you may have to call the fire department. I’m so excited that it is pride in Fredericton, because it’s the first real one we’ve had. I never thought it would happen, and without getting into the politics of it here, I’m quite proud indeed.

Rob and I volunteered to help set up beforehand, and with the aid of my best friend Steph, we got there and started unpacking the things that had been brought…only to discover that all three of us are fairly broken when it comes to lifting and stuff like that. So we made for home to rehydrate and grab my rainbow belt, and then did a Cora’s brunch to help fuel for the walk.

We got back and pretty much made it in time to walk over to the Victoria Health Center, where the parade that we were also in started. Met up with some friends, and basically introduced ourselves to the gay and straight alike who arrived shortly after us. It was so much fun, definitley the best parade I’ve ever been in.

And there were so many people too!!!

I personally liked the people clapping on the pedway for us as we sauntered by them, and basically walking in the blogger Charles LeBlanc was a shocking bit of entertainment in and of itself as well.

At Officer’s Square was a big kick-off party waiting for us, with music and stalls and everything, where I picked up a little rainbow braclet to commemorate the occasion. I really wanted something from the first ever Freddie Pride week.

Came home after Rob did some interviewing for a story he’s writing, and it’s been a pretty quite night at home. I hope the rainbow embers don’t burn out too soo, we’ve still got a week to go yet!


About charliebenn

I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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