>Health Update

>So, as some of you know, today was the day I went to see the doctor. I’ve been off since May 27th due to an emergency operation that I needed to have for a collapsed lung. I’ve been home since I’ve been out of the hospital, and thank god that I have people like my friends and family around me.

And Rob too:)

Just a short update on that, as I’m not going to wax poetic about the rather technical results, other than for the most part I’m ok. The problem now is basically tied to my sleeping, and a lot of it is due to my (rather traumatic) stay at the Chalmers.

But I digress. Rob is dissapointed that my doctor isn’t accepting new patients, as my doctor is awesome lol. She even visited me on her days off at the hospital (I’m told…I actually don’t remember) to make sure that I was ok, even  though she has her own practise outside of the hospital. She’s super nice, and has lead me wrong about zero times. If only I could redo her office….and rooms….they’re pretty bland.

Afterwards, and due to a little sluthing online and at stores, we made a stop at Zellars as they had super cheap potting soil. I know, I’m a little wierd to be getting excited over dirt, but remember, I’m also a little weird for having over 60 plants on my balcony. So it’s not entirely THAT weird per sey. Besides, at 3 bucks a bag, I needed to buy some for when the plants resume day-to-day activities after their summer vacation.

My poor neighbours. They never stood a chance once I started tomatoes from seed unlike themselves. Oh well, they could always attempt to beat me next year, when I’m not sure if I’ll be here to compete in the gardening olympics. But, that would be the only way they could win, right?

I’ve been drawing since I got home pretty much, getting ready for my next big update to the site. Stay tuned, and I promise that SOMEDAY I’ll be satisfied. Ok, well, you can hope.

PS. Rob made me grilled cheese!


About charliebenn

I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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  1. >That purple stuff is jam… he's odd!

  2. >Can't be as odd as Jacques … he puts maple syrup on his grill cheese. LOL

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