>It’s August?

>Where was I? Sorry, just a little random observation…I’ve developed almost an anti-internal calendar, wherein I can’t keep track of days at all, and my memory scares are becoming maybe less alarming in details, but still ever constant. I didn’t realise it was August already. That means it’s been just over 2 months since I’ve been incapacitated! I went in for my surgery and subsequent hospital stay on May 27; the only reason I remember the date is because that was the day of the Aids Memorial that I tried so hard to get off so I could support Rob’s work and pay my respects to the survivors in Fredericton. I never made it to that event, because while I was texting Rob to say I was still attending, I was going under on those oh-so magical and wonderful drugs.

All I can say about that experience, is, thanks all for your support, and I’m slightly sorry that I keep bringing it up. I’m a little convinced that talking about it will help me in the long term… and in the short term help with my nightmares.

A little about my blog:

-Still not entirely finished, but getting there.
-I’ve added tags to categorize my posts for easy search ability, which you can pick from the list on the right.
-Added as well to the right of the template, is a search bar, which if working correctly, should allow you to search for specific keywords throughout every posting. This should make it really easy in the future once there are a good number of posts.

With the new tags, there are also a couple of notes to be said. The category named “photo” has all the posts that have pictures taken on them. “Sketch” has all the posts with drawings in them.

Rob mentioned that since I’m using the Blogger Labels gadget in this sense, that I should be fairly discriptive in my tags, so that I would be more searchable using different engines. On a sidenote, I did search my name using google and my twitter account came up! Go me! I’m popular!

Today we did a brief, but exhausting trip to Zellars to replace a DVD player that we sorely needed! How else are we supposed to watch Rob’s beloved QAF? We ended up basically breaking my old one with our overuse lol. Rob also picked me up some plant food for the little ones that will be brought back inside after their summer vacation on the balcony.

Watching Hell’s Kitchen right now laughing at stupid Ben. Oh Ben. What a pansy tool. Anyhoo.

I’ve got a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon, this one is a future-affecting one. All that can be said is wish me luck…or maybe hope it gets better. I’m not sure what will be coming at all at this point.



About charliebenn

I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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