>Sometimes I forget just how cute the Brookside Mall is

>It’s odd how something you grew up with changes as you get older. I’m sitting here at a doctor’s office inside the Brookside Mall because I needed to see someone while my doctor is on vacation. This place has changed a lot from when I was a kid.
Like most kids in the late nineties, I loved fads (ok….I still do ha ha), and I bought into one that a couple of my friends had. I loved trading cards. I don’t necessarily mean like Pokemon cards, though I do have some of those. I mean Marvel Masterpieces.
I am a total comic book geek, but an undercover one…and I love the Marvel universe. Spiderman, X Men…you name it I was a fan before the movies lol. So I started collecting these cards, which were each designed by creators of the heroes themselves. Some of them were signed, some of them were shiny, some were even made out of those heavy 3D stuff. I loved them all, and eventually owned them all. They’re still in my parents’ basement waiting for the rarity to jack up a little more hehehe.
My side story is because I bought all of them here from this little hole in the wall store called the Card Rack. Every weekend I’d come over here with my friends and blow my allowance on a couple packs of cards and have my momentary jump for joy and away they’d go into their little plastic sleeve in their binder. And. And. And…
The store was so funny, run by this total nerd who sometimes had his parents work cash. But they were the nicest people, I seem to remember a couple of extra packs thrown into my bag with a smile from them, or some extra pages for my books.
Looking back I had a lot of good times in this place, and it’s sad that it’s become nothing more than an odd collection of unrelated stores. Zellars is good I guess. And there’s a ginormously large beerstore now. Card Rack is still here though, in somewhat of a downtheroad amalgamation. In my last couple of months at my parents place I would run out to here and then walk around and get a coffee or something until I’d decide to head back home.
And now it’s the sight of our boredom for an hour… Oh well, could be worse. We could be at the after hours clinic across the parking lot 🙂
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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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