>Ok, so I’m not sure if you guys are into reality shows or anything, but I slightly am. Like, sometimes I pretend that I’m not because it can be seen as uncool, but that’s only a front. I’m an awesome actor like that. Like…I’m Hamlet. Like. Yea.

Anyhoo, we’ve started to watch the new season of Big Brother on Rogers On Demand, and it’s rather funny this year. I don’t know if it’s because it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen a season, but it’s even more ridiculous this time around.

This season is the “Summer of Sabotage”, and man is it funny how it’s played out so far. They touted it as this badass mother fucker amazingly twisted show and already in the first elimination episode their big hook was tossed out.

But mainly, I love the contestants. I mean, for some reason, they figured that past seasons were just too stupid, because everybody has a frickin PHD this time around. There’s a podiotrist, 2 physicists, and a guy who has his degree in being an unfunny flamming homo.

I’m gay, I’m allowed bitches. Ok, so he’s not even remotely engaging. Not at all like our past favorites. And he’s a professor or something. I dunno, he doesn’t seem that intelligent to me, I’m slightly fearing for our American neighbour’s children if that’s whats being pumped through the system. He’s that age where you’re like…awww he’s cute cause he’s old, and he just said he liked being sticky and hot. I’m scared.

Right now, the reward competition they’re playing is supposed to be all hardhittin from da hood. Seriously. They’re slipping. There’s human graffiti. OMG the little blonde girl has blue paint under her eyes. Shes straight trip ballin yo. Fo shiz.

Which brings me to my favourite girl, little City Ho. Or maybe her name was Briteny. I dunno. It was something brilliant along those lines. She’s definitely an amazing catty bitch though, she said that she wanted to chop him (Andrew) in the stomach. I’m thinking she’s a little anti-semetic maybe? Andrews’ jewish lol. She’s also going to “self implode,” which I would if I had to hear the AhehehahahahehehAHHAHeheHHEHaHEHAEHEHEHAHEHHAHAHEHAHe otherwise known as Rachel’s cakle. I love how much of a complainer she is too! She’s admitted she cries over anything and everything, and admits that she looks really unattractive in doing so. At least she’s honest. She’s probably “vomitting her face off” right now. Honestly. And that wasn’t a bulemia joke, I’m not that cold. Though she could use a burger or 2.

And speaking of honky-tonk cackler, Rachel, love her!! She’s got a PHD in physics, and she’s a Vegas cocktail waitress with size quadruple H’s. Found her soulmate in the FIRST EPISODE in Mr. Swim Instructor/ Physicist. And started bitching out other girls who talked to him that one time about that one thing that had everything to do with something else other than her or them or other nouns or verbs. I love people like that. But anyways, like totally. I do have to give her props, though she fall out of her shirt dress a little when she won HOH, she didn’t fall out of her top jumping in histerics when she saw the bottle of Patron in her winner’s basket. Doubley sure. Whatever, love a tequila girl :p

The fifty something year old sheriff, bless her heart, is wearing a shirt that says rub for luck. I’m now scared AND scarred.

I’m not going to talk about Jersey dude. He just annoys me.

Kristen decided to edumicate the boys in past lives…aparently shes been stabbed before, but only in a past incarnation. She has a birth mark. Mhmmm. I’d say she’s gotten stabbed a couple times in the head in this life personally. Left a few too many airholes in that big ol noggin…too much bleach seepage.

Everybody is “super” this and “totally” that…and “super super super totally” that. I’m super totally serious like y’all. I heerd it with my listenen organs. These people are the most hillbilly edutainment nerds I’ve seen on the boob tube since Beauty and the Geek. AHEhehahaheahehahEHAehaHAEHaeaheaheahehHHa. Um..yea. Ok, I’m tired. Night. And God help America.


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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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