>A crazy, magical, and friend involved day!!

>So, lots went on today, but most of it involved the mr…SO I’ll just talk about the interesting stuff!

Rob’s been doing interviews all day because the complaint that he lodged against an MTV show went down in flames…which is unfortunately kinda normal for the poor guy:( Someday soon I’m sure that it will go the little guy’s way. It’s getting complicated remembering it all now because of all the things he’s got going on! And it’s even harder because I actually have been having some oh-so-fun memory issues since my operation.

Anyhoo, we went downtown as my get out of the house adventure today, and ended up with an interview with CBC in front of the Legislature. Fun fun.

So as always, I just started wandering around on my own, taking in the sun, heat, and the grass on my little toeses. I like wearing my flip flops waaaay too much, and currently my feet are recovering from their amusement in the downtown by soaking in a bucket of a Cosmopolitain worthy solution! Here’s a hint, it involves olive oil and honey:) smells good!!!

WOW that was a tad off topic…wasn’t it?

I walked and took some pictures of the boy in his little interview persona, and also of some artwork on the lawns of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the new convention center, and even some flowers I thought I could try and draw with my new tablet.

He finished and we started to walk to my next sit-down spot at Officer’s Square, and ran into my friend Jenny from the job I think I still have, and dished and caught up while she was supposed to be at her gym workout. And out of no where my parent’s neighbour Shyanne comes rolling up in her pink helmet and bike with her son rolling behind. Lots of friends today!

After I think an hour, I started getting very unable to breath and hungry, so hunger won out and we sauntered to Mexicali Rosa’s. I love me mexican

I had the chili and the suspiciously red boozy-looking drink to the side haha.
I think Rob only got the salad because he liked how he could eat the bowl haha. I swear the boy loves his gimmicks!
The night wound down with a trip to the post office, some screaming at my computer because the stupid blog isn’t working how I’d like it to, and a good foot soak lol. Also, I’m going to ask Rob if he’ll bring me some ice cream as we’re watching Queer As Folk right now. But I’m not actually going to ask him, I’m just going to let him read it here LOL.

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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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