>So my house is a pride flag

>Before I moved, whilst I was making my list of things that I thought we’d need right from the get go, I had already been tinkering in my head about colors.

In my house growing up, I had always wanted a colorful house. I guess it had to do with my fixation with cartoons as a kid, but everything in my own boring house couldn’t compare with the amazing reds and blues and yellows I had seen in my tv homes in the jetsons and scooby doo and the like. So now that I’ve found both the guy and apartment I’d like to be with, I really wanted to have fun.

Immediately, I wanted a red kitchen. In my head, I can taste the sauces made from savory tomatoes that my dream kitchen creates. Red is a very hungry color, and its only fitting that a hungry man has a hungry food room.

Not that they’re here right now, but there are 2 6 foot paintings that I watched my granddad sketch out from the very beginning years ago, and watched come to fruition growing up. I made it a point that rob find me a place that has walls and ceilings big enough to accommodate them. My apartment is big enough to put on in the living room and one in the bedroom, and choosing accenting colors from the pieces determined that the bedroom would be in blues and the living room would be in oranges.

With a plant covered balcony, the best colors to take would be greens and browns, and sure enough, when I was in the hospital mom had brought me a little green table and a dollar store green citronella candle to combat the skeeters.

That left the bathroom. No idea coming in what to choose. Then I heard from rob and steph what they considered one of the only flaws in the apartment, up for my opinion. I’ve got a yellow bathtub.
That’s right, a golden yellow bathtub.

When they told me, they had held back slightly with worried breath. I loved it! It’s so cute! Its a completely random little design transgression on our landlords dime, but its neat. You’ll never see one. My bathtub is unique:)

And it was the easiest room to figure out. Mom brought me a little mug with a bumblebee on it to match the tub when I told her.

Now my Pretties, I’m still recovering from my lung surgery. So don’t expect that my apartment is completely color coded. And believe me, I do NOT have the money to be designing anything, let alone an entire dwelling at once! But the mixing bowl set from Pier One that I bought Rob are little red ladybugs, and the bedding sets in the bedroom are brown with turquoise, so it’s not like I’ve totally thrown out the color wheel. And if my design student friend has anything to do with it I never will.

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I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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