>*SPOILER ALERT* Why didn’t he die??

>Starting off with a slight panic over my plants. All day I’ve been out and about pretending that I’m perfectly alright by doing some shopping downtown and uptown, even running into my friend Shayla while at the mall and finally introduced the 2 facebook friends (as Rob and her have talked since the beginning). Hell, he even met one of my lotto ladies from work too at her Sears job! But in the sweltering heat that is Fredericton today, my plants didn’t get watered. At all. So when I got home, which was a little while ago… I got a little scared over the sight of my poor little tomatoes that I grew from seed:( I don’t think that they will bounce back at all.
Rob was a little happy when I mentioned watering them, and said that he came out and misted everything. He’s seen me do that, however I don’t think he’s seen me do it and registered what I was doing. I do mist a couple of my tropical plants to jack the humidity up on them. But not all of them. So I think his helping may have inadvertently hindered some of the little guys. But it’s ok, at least he tried!
Ok. So. I just went to see The Sorcerers’ Apprentice with my best friend Steph. And wow. I really wanted Nicholas Cage to die.
I’ve never been a big fan of him, and amidst all of the fireballs and plasma balls and a Chinese guy who pelted him with hundreds of acupuncture needles, HE JUST DID NOT DIE!!! Not even when the guy died did he stay died! Ok, sorry to the 3 people that were excited to see the movie. But as you now as you are not waiting with baited breath to see that incredibly climatic battle, woohoo, maybe you can look to see when the main character’s dog gets in their car during the big ten minute long drag race/blowem up/car chase scene? We were watching then spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out when the dog got in the car. I’ve just thought maybe he’s a magic dog. That’s it. Probably.
The best scene ever by far, or maybe the worst rip-off/running gag was the Mickey Mouse scene. You know the Fantasia short called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice? In it Mickey steals his Sorcerer Master’s hat and causes all kinds of mischief with a broom (which later becomes many brooms), to avoid completing his chores. Almost scene for scene, the movie I watched tonight has mirrored that Mickey short. It was cute at the beginning, and even when you knew it was coming it was quite cute… But then it kept going. And going. And yes, energizer trademarks be damned, GOING. The bunny was in the corner behind that broom. No, not that broom, the other one. The one next to that broom. And the mop.
I had a rant. I made my rant. Now I must lie in it, and I wish I could mean the untruthful meaning of the word. It would have been a fun movie, but it was just… Odd. And I’m told it is a trilogy? Or maybe we just assumed because the bad guy left his hat at the end of it when he scurried away…that and because every movie is a trilogy now.
On a sidenote.. Does anyone know if that owl movie with the catchy song is an actual movie or just a trailer. I’ve seen the same trailer in every movie I’ve seen since I saw Alice on opening night. I’m pretty sure its just a trailer. Reverse advertising? Watch this five minute, cliffhanging movie and go buy my series of books please. I’m just wondering because I think I might have scared people the last time I was in the room as the it because I was speaking the lines word for word before the little “3D” British owls were. All I know is we have to find the “GAH-DIANS.”
I love owls with British accents. They’re so much better than the ruddy accents our crummy old commoner owls have.
I apologize to any and all that I’ve offended tonight. It was fun to write, but I do realize that it is quite after 10 and I’m also quite tired.
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