>Heres to a new beginning!

>As I’ve just introduced myself, I guess I can’t start there! I guess the best thing to do is give you a little backstory about myself. Well, ok, a summary of recent events might be better?

I finally met him. You know, THAT guy? I met him. No, you can’t have him, and I didn’t take yours. He’s just… mine? It’s a funny story, and if anyone actually starts reading this someday, I may entertain you with the Ha-Has involed in that whole series of events. Not now though. Needless to say, my life has taken some fun turns since.

I’ve done more “date” things with him than any other guy. I’ve shared more with him than any other as well. AND I’m even fairly certain that he’s not going to throw me under the bus to further his own underhanded schemes, so I’m just gunna go ahead and put a check in the “win” column for me! We decided fairly early that we were good, even going so far as to look at apartments for us and even signing a year-long lease! Packed up my life and was at the threshold of a new day…then had emergency surgery for a collapsed lung, followed by a week-long stay at casa del hospital. Fun Fun.

He bonded with my mom considerably during that (even emails her frequently throughout the day…EVERY day), and quite a few of my friends as well. Best part: moving my things into our new apartment so I could move right in then. That my folks, is why he’s kinda one of my favourites:)

I’m thinking that brings me to tonight. It’s definately become a pet project of his to find things to keep me busy while im on bedrest and he’s at work. Knitting squares for my giant blanket. Twitter. Animal Crossing. Gardening. Even setting me up with a fellow Pokemon player in his ex. And now folks…I believe I may be a blogger?

All I can say about the content you can expect to see here is that it will at least be entertaining. Not that I will be especially groundbreaking or hardhitting, nor will I have the newest, freshest political insights or celebrity dish (Though I know Paris. I swear. I’ve got her on Twitter! That’s like, big….isn’t it?). Anticipate the topics I mentioned above, maybe some questions for the cosmos (meaning YOU!), some pictures of my happy little garden…yada yada yada..

Have a good night internet, may your cookies be chocolate chip, your phishes bite, and your webpages not crash til sunrise:)

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About charliebenn

I like writing about what my world is, whether that be gardening, cooking, drawing, my relationships, job, and yes, sometimes I ramble about how much I love writing. And also hate it. :)

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